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What is new & update:

6th March 2014,

Finally I got a call from Telkomsel asking for my iPhone delivery address.  I told them to send to my office. 

Also, I've found this guy who write his credit card number online.  I could not imagine that someone could do that.  Posibly he was desperate on his credit card loan.  Dear Kompas, please put some more reasonable censorship when dealing with private information!

28th February 2014,

Last year on 22nd of April 2013 I received a deceiving message from the God dammed Mr Edy Gunawan, S.Kom, representing Telkomsel that I won IDR 25.000.000 gift that was fake.  Then I put the warning in this website.   It appears that Mr Edy could not hack this website afterall and this website is running good as new.  What a pity I forgot to put his picture.

Spotting a real gift from Telkomsel

The year is now 2014 and it appears that puting a warning on this site granted me a good karma and I really won an iPhone 5 from Telkomsel!  Please check the real message here.  The from name is Telkomsel and the website URL shows the phone number is 133, which is the correct Telkomsel call centre.

iPhone5 Winner

Calling 133 and visiting local Grapari (the Telkomsel office confirms that this text was real.  More checking *700*30# resulting in a message from Telkomsel as belows:

more telkom checking

So be it, I'm waiting for the new iPhone to came :)

8th February 2014,

How to properly close a credit card

Some people do this when they close their credit card: they called the card centre, and then asking how much is the bill.  Then they paid the bill and call the call centre again to close the card.  After that people will cut the card into two pieces, assuming that all the debt is paid and no more story.  However...  In the next few months, debt collector arrives at their house and they find they are blacklisted from the bank.  Seeing there are many people gotten into this problem, I felt that I should write my experience in closing a credit card.

So here is the culprit: the bank will still charge stamp duty which must be paid next month.  So in the month after you pay all of your bill, you'll get a statement that requires you to pay IDR 6000 (0.5 USD) stamp duty (materei, in Indonesian).  After the card was closed however, some card user will just ignore the bill or may not even receive a bill at all of that amount so small.  And ignoring that bill means being fined a lot, and the fine was ridiculously high. 

Since I found tracking the card bills is a real pain, therefore I decided to consolidate them to two cards.  That made my life simpler. 

This is what I do while closing my card:

  1. Pay all the bill before closing the credit card.  Then I receive a bill of IDR 6000. That is the stamp duty.
  2. Wait for another month until you receive a credit card statement that says your bill is 0.
  3. Call the issuing bank to close the card
  4. And after a month, make a call to the issuing bank regarding the closing process.

That will ensure your safety, I knew this is very troublesome for some of you...  The bank will not go the IDR6000 stamp duty, which you must pay.  I knew this is shit, but it is better to be troubled this way than being blacklisted by BI (Central Bank).

Also what is funny after my bill was supposed to came, my card feels to be uncloseable as it still register on the internet banking and have a bill of 0. 

Masking credit card number

I saw that some people made mistake in masking credit card number while posting in an online forum. 

For example the number 4322-6883-4587-6834 (totally random number) will be masked as 4322-6883-4587-683X.  This is a very weak masking procedure.  The last digit of the card can be guessed at once, with a simple computer algorithm called Luhn Algorithm as the last digit is a check code generated by system.  Any computer science graduates could write the guessing software in a few minutes.

The safe way to mask credit card number on online forum is by removing the middle 8 numbers and the final digit such as 4322-XXXX-XXXX-683X.  The bank will still be able to identify you, and still maintaining a layer of 8 digit security.  That is: 1 in 100 million possible combination.  This was called PAN Truncation, a standard used on Electronic Data Capture machine worldwide.  To make it even more secure, you can hide the first 4 digits as well, tough it can be easily guessed by looking at the list of issuer identification number.

However when masking like 4322-XXXX-4587-6834, or XXXX-6883-4587-6834 can be easily guessed and are dangerous.  The reason is the first 4-6 card digits is the issuing bank information.  Therefore by knowing the bank information and looking at list of issuer identification number, one can guess the number right away. 

Since we have up to 6 first digits of the card number, masks like

  • 4322-6883-4587-683X -> The most stupid cover, can be guessed by using Luhn algorithm
  • 4322-6883-4587-68X4 -> Perfectly guessable by luhn algorithm brute force
  • XXXX-XX83-4587-6834 -> Perfectly guessable, without even guessing, by looking at list of issuer number.
  • XXXX-XXXX-4587-6834 -> Very Dangerous and Guessable, hence some people did it!  At maximum 10 guess and correct number can be obtained.
  • 4322-6883-XXXX-X834 -> Very dangerous and guessable. See example here and there.
  • 4322-6883-4587-68XX -> Very dangerous and guessable even tough they hide the Luhn checking, people can guess the correct number in less than 10 trials.  Most likely will not trigger alarm.
  • 4322-6883-4587-6XXX -> Trying to be smart since they close the Luhn checking, but still guessable since the possibility is less than 99.  Most likely this will rise alarm on the Bank's

Can be brute forced using Luhn Algorithm and and give a reasonable number guesses to be tried before the issuing bank realises that the card is being compromised!

If you see my bill above, even tough my card was closed, it's number can still be used for criminal!  Believe me.  So I deliberately censor certain area black.

Moreover, what make things more dangerous, on that forum the reporter's real name, ID, and address are exposed!  So, for any carders, please, do not make any fraud from those cards.  The card holders there are already having problem with the bank, and carding their cards will add more burden to them. 

29th November 2013,

Doctor vs Driver

There was a case of a team of doctor, led by dr Ayu who accidentally killed her patient back in 2010.  She and her colleagues are now jailed for 10 months.  Despite I personally felt 10 months was too long for them, since their intention is saving live but ended up in accident.  I still felt that she and her colleague deserves to be put in jail.  As a fair treatment to drivers.

18th October 2013,

While tidying old files, I stumbled upon my old sudoku solving program source code.  It was written in Turbo Pascal long time ago.  I've already forgotten the algorithm behind it, but it was quite fast.  But the purpose of developing the algorithm and program was very clear: to defeat the Sudoku game.  I'm unsure if the software could solve all sudoku problem, but my test cases shows that the algorithm can solve all sudoku traditional problem that was existed on my Sudoku game at maximum difficulty level.   Thats is with at least 9 numbers filled.  So it won't work to fill in the blank game.  A small modification can be made to make it work anyway,

You can download, distribute and port the source code if you wish.  Just don't forget to mention me :)

The source code takes input of sudo.txt with format as follows:

6 0 1 0 9 0 0 0 0
0 8 3 1 0 0 0 0 0
5 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0
0 4 0 0 8 0 0 7 0
0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0
0 9 0 0 5 0 0 8 0
0 0 0 0 0 7 0 0 8
0 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 0
0 0 0 0 4 0 9 0 6

And then it will create sudo.out with the answer to the problem.

18th September 2013,

Due to wear and tear, I decided to change my GT Radial BAX2 tyre to a set of brand new Continental Comfort Contact 5 tyre for my 2008 Toyota Vios.  The Continental tyre made the car feels IDR 100 million more expensive!  Yes, the Vios now rides as quiets and feels like Toyota Corolla.  Tyre upgrade is the best and cheapest upgrade for your car.  Continental tyre at 1.2 million IDR premium per set over the BAX2 but made the car feels 100 million more expensive.  Compared to Bridgestone AR10 and Dunlop SP2030, it was somehow less grippy but still quieter and softer, thats due to the softness of the sidewall.  That's my review of Continental Comfort Contact 5 tyres!  The only weakness is the Comfort Sport 5 tyre could not be used at 180KMH+ speed, which my car could not attain.  So this is okay for me.

The BAX 2 tyre was changed quite prematurely and still have good threads when changed.  I bought them brand new back in October 2012, the tyres feels really good.  Of course a set of brand new BAX 2 feels better than a set of 2 years worn and old Bridgestones AR10.  However over time the BAX 2s was getting worse.  The car's handling becoming less and less accurate, often skids on emergency braking and even the ABS cases to function normally, and feels bumpy due the tyre not round, even I did spooring and balancing to the tyre every 5000 KMs. 

To make the matter worse, I found problems on all of 4 BAX 2 installed on my car.  1 tyre got bumpy sidewall problem, 2 got cracked inside rubber that makes the ride bumpy, and the last tyre got punctured by nail.  However I believe that problem was caused by my fault.  The BAX 2 I buy is not with the required size of my car.  It is 10mm wider and 7mm smaller in diameter.  Thats changes the car's track width and somehow the car's weight balance was not on the right position and causes the tyre excessive pressure and work.  Thats the reason why car's handling becoming less accurate. 

Should you upgrade to wider tyre?

My car requires 185/60/R15 tyre, while the BAX2 was 195/55/R15.  The diffecene seems small and most people prefer to use wider tyre for more grip.  Sorry that was not the case as I've prooved it.  Wider tyre does not contribue to grippiness of your car to the road.

The grip stays the same.  Wider tyre will increase the chance of tyre contact to the road surface therefore maintaining contact to the asphalt when used on high speed turning on track.  However wider tyre has the same coefficient of friction to narrow tyre with same rubber compound.  For more information on Friction Coefficient, you can open Wikipedia.  If you definitely needs more grip, you can switch to a higher end tyre with same size.

In fact, wider tyre will require you to change all the ABS parameters, which usually unchangeable, car's turning radius and increases difficulty in driving and reduces the overall safety of your car.

Wider tyre means heavier tyre and results in heavier wheel, that means harder to brake due to the rotational inertia produced by the wheel.  Plus will put your suspension system in higher stress level.

Wider tyre changes the track width of your car therefore increases the car's turning radius rendering the car to be less responsive and accurate in while turning.

Even worse wider tyre made my car wastes more fuel due to more drag produced by the tyre and more weight to accelerate. 

Non standard wider tyre will wear prematurely.  I had prooved this on my Vios and old Honda City.  Their original tyre configuration was 175/60 R14 and was changed to 185/55 R14.  And that causes the outside part of the tyre to finish prematurely while the inner side of the tyre relatively intact. 

Therefore my advice is not to change the to a wider tyre.  Not a wise decision.

22nd August 2013,

Life is peaceful without Credit Card!

I've found that having 6 credit cards is a real nuisance,. 


I have to track and remember the due date of each of the credit card.  With 6 cards, I had to maintain six seperate record for all of them.  I had to track how much do I spent and prepare all the payment before its due.  As in Indonesia, its often that the credit card bill arrives late therefore possibly making late payment and fine, I had to check by phone or internet banking of to the credit card issuer regarding the value of my bill.

Arranging the payment is not an easy task as well as I had to transfer funds using ATM to from one bank account to credit card issuer's bank, and then visit their ATM to make the payment.  Since inter bank transfering was limited to IDR 10.000.000 a day, a full payment of by 5 credit cards can took few days to complete.

I'm now thinking to reduce the number of my cards to just 1...  So I can save my phone bill, having more time to do meaningful things other than calling the card centre an dasking my bills.  FYI by today, I had 4 cards active...

I just wonder how do people with 10+ credit cards live... 

Anyway, the very best credit card call centre in Indonesia belongs to ICBC.  It was people who answered the call, not an answering machine.

Their staffs are helpful and and communicative.

Virus from HSBC

Well this time HSBC is now sending viruses.  I'm pretty sure that this was someone who hijacked HSBC email address.  I had received 6 emails from HSBC and all of them got viruses. 

I knew they are virus, as first I got no HSBC account and no overseas people is transfering me money.  And second they will never sent transfer information in an unsecure, unencrypted and uncertified email.  And third, the attachment should not be a zipped executable (exe) file.  The exe file was Zipped to make it smaller and mail program wont stop it from sending.  My word of advice is: never ever run an exe file that is sent over an email by someone you know or dont know unless you have a direct confirmation by other means than email (e.g. phone) from the sender.

If you are suspicious over an attachment like this, and just curious to see what is inside, you can use a device like a mobile phone to open it.  Most mobile phones does not execute exe files, and therefore can't get infected.  However Java viruses, if existed, will attack mobile phone and computer as well as Java is working in every platform with JVM (Java Virtual Machine).  Altough it won't affect as much as on computer as most viruses is designed to attack computer.

9th August 2013,

Just received an email claiming that my email account sent a lot of viruses. 

fake email

I open the link provided on the email in private browsing and a fake Symantec website popped up!

fake norton website

I knew that Symantec or any legitimate anti virus software or provider would never ask for your email and password.  They also could not never ever scan and clean your email sending server by asking email username and password.  By handing them your username and password you will only give them access to your emails and any secret in it.  Plus only God knows what will they do to your identity.

A whois lookup reveals that Mr Freddy Suhartono and Mr Rully Sumbayak appears to be the culprit behind this!

Multi Global Electrindo

Out of curiosity I've decided to open website and it appears to be a legitimate but unfinished website of a company specialising in Schneider Electric.  I would not trust them anyway since I've found an illegitimate page on their website.  My advise is do not submit your personal information there.  Too dangerous.

Or was this caused by the hacking war between Indonesia and Bangladesh?

22nd June 2013,

Can the pee of everyone in Indonesia pees collected at once sink Singapore? 

An average Indonesian pees 500 ml every time regardless of age.  Babies pees less, adult men pees more and elderly a little less.  Multiply that by the number of population of 250.000.000 results in 125 million litres of that yellow liquid.  Don't imagine it if you are faint hearted.  I knew that’s a lot of yellow liquid! 

To make it easier to imagine how much is 125 million litres of pees, imagine in put that yellow liquid into a huge water tank of 50 metres x 50 metres x 50 metres.  The width of the tank would be the width of 10 Toyota Camry’s parked in parallels and it’s about as tall as 15 story building.  It is 125 million roots of 3, 2500 metre of base area.

In order to make 1 metre drench you will need to spread the pees.  Spreading a 50 metre tank will result in 50 times of 2500 metre area or 12.5 hectares.  Just enough to immerse Orchard road and its surrounding of course.

How about the rest of Singapore?  The area of Singapore is 710 km2 = 710 x 1000000 = 710.000.000 sqm.  Spreading the yellow liquid all over Singapore will yield 50 x 50 x 50 / 710.000.000 = 1.76 x 10-4 metre, or barely 0.2 millimetre, or just a few droplets of rain.  Not even drenching, it will just wet Singapore and also will smell all over the place of course.  Plus earns Indonesia another nickname, not just a smoke exporter but also pee exporter.

How if the same amount of pee applied to Jakarta?  Well, Jakarta will of course sink!

19th June 2013,

I was not happy with this text message, so I write about this fuel issue that everyone on the planet can read it.

These days in Indonesia, issues about ceasing subsidised fuel arises.   That will result in increase of fuel price.  The reason to stop subsidising fuel is as follows: the riches who own and drive car is the one who enjoys the cheap fuel.  While the poor who drives motorbike enjoys less.

Shall the riches enjoy the subsidised fuel that is paid by taxpayer’s money?

In my opinion the riches must enjoy the very same right to enjoy subsidised fuel.  The reason is: the riches pay tax and the poor, in the other hand don’t pay tax, since they reason of their low income that does not qualify them as tax payer.  Their income is below PTKP (tax free income).  So now you got the idea: the riches are the taxpayer, and the poors are not tax payer

And some idiots want the riches to stop accessing subsidised fuel!  The tax that the riches pay is more than what costs the government in giving them the subsidy.

Can’t the riches who pay tax, enjoy a fraction of what they paid? 

However as a good man, I don’t enjoy subsidised fuel.  I use RON 95 fuel since RON95 gets me better mileage and allows me to accelerate faster.  In the long run, since my car’s engine knocks less it is also cleaner, saving me money for servicing the car. 

Anyway, in Indonesia Premium is the lowest grade of fuel with RON 88.  What overseas people said as Premium fuels with RON 95 or higher is called as Super fuels. 

Our people are notorious for being too clever, for example Indonesian’s Driver’s License is translated to English as Driving License, different to the US and Australia as speaking countries that called it as Driver’s Licences.  Indonesian also translated ‘Jalan Tol’ as Highway or in some official translation a road without any obstruction or Freeway.  Judging from what appears from Jalan Tol the tool booth Jalan Tol should be Toll Road (paid road), Highway should be Jalan Raya and Free Way got no translation as they will never exists here!

18th May 2013,

File Size Comparison of doc, docx and RAR compressed doc, ZIP compressed docx

Just in case you don't notice about the size efficiency of docx document on Microsoft Word 2010, I had .doc on a rar compressed file.  It is 658 KB on size, after extracted to .doc the file expands to a whopping 6.7 MB in size with 27.364 characters, 5.822 words in 30 A4 pages and a lot of pictures. 

Then I convert the file to .docx to check if the new format saves and to my surprise the newer .docx format manages to reduce the size of the file to 664 KB.  I tried to compress the docx format to zip, and the size reduced to 648 KB.  Not worthy the zipping process.  Next, I compress the file doc file to zip and the size reduced to a little shy of 4 MB. 

Now comparing the size of RAR, zip, doc and docx, I would prefer to use docx over RAR and zip.  Why?  It is not worth the hassle in saving the 6 KB and 16 KB by zipping or raring the file.  I don't test compressing docx to rar since I have no rar archiever software here.  The rar software is not free and I don't want to pay them just to show how they compress things.  For un RAR process I use this free unrar software here.

doc, docx, rar, doc in rar, doc in zip, docx in zip

So the it came to a conlusion that docx document does not need to be compressed, as it might already been compressed.  Also do not compress mp4, mpg, avi, mov, mp3, wmv, wma, jpg, bmp, png files using rar or zip or 7zip or any unversal compression program.  The size reduction is marginal that it not worth the compression time.

Compressing mp4, mpg, avi, mov, mp3, wmv, wma or any other movie or music files should be done by changing codec (may or may not degrade quality) or bitrate (degrade quality).  Compressing the bitmap or tiff files should be made png if you need to preserve all of the details, however if you don't need all of the details, use jpg but the quailty will degrade. 

So, are the compression software died?  No, they won't be dead as we need to compress text files, archive databases and especially larger propietary files such as photoshop image (psd), CorelDraw CDR, Autocad DWG. However we don't need to use compression software as often as before in this internet age, most file is already compressed and will benefit a little from the process.  I prefer zip over rar since ZIP is built in into most OSes and can be read almost anywhere for free.  Rar extractor, altough free, requires a download.

10th May 2013,

PC is not dead and will never.  PC will transform into higher plane of existance! 

PC, personal computer, was predicted to cease to exists in the next few years.  No.  PC will never die.  Personal computer is a computer for all of your private stuffs.  Not shared with other.  Saying PC will extinct is the same as saying car will extinct or even more silly: wardrobe will be extinct.

Your personal computer will change form, from bulky desktop to laptop and then finally into transforming tablet something like Samsung's ATIV or Asus Transformers. 

Non transforming tablets like iPad will continue as expensive toy and eventually extinct.  Desktop will be not be the mainstays in the office, and office desktop computer is not a personal computer.  In my opinion, the one that is going to extinct is non transforming laptop, with 14" and 15" screen and ultrabooks.  Most people does not want to haul the weight of a laptop so the lightweight transforming tablet+laptop is the way to go. 

Desktop will not get extinct too, as its usage will only be limited serious professional use by software engineer, programmer, web developer, geeks, photographer or anyone who needed a lot of expandable computing power that is not available to transforming tablet-laptop.  However not as much as computing power provided by a mainframe.  The use of desktop however, will be smaller.

I believe I've write back few years ago that I wanted a computer as small as mobile phone that can be attached to a larger chassis and transform into a full size desktop computer.  It would be interesting to see that becomes reality.  A device as large as Blackberry Z10, say DeviceX, that can dock on a laptop chassis and changes function as laptop for my work on the go.  Today this is what I wanted in the DeviceX.  DeviceX will have a quad core x86 - x64 APU processor, 4 GB of rams, 128 GB of SSD divided into two 32 GB of usable OS and application plus 96 GB of storage. 

When connected to the laptop dock, the dock contains an extra quad core processor, dedicated graphic card, 16 more GB of rams and 1 TB of storage.  Oh yea, on software side, the OS must be able to handle an expanding and shrinking main drive.  For example when today I install 10 applications taking 50 GB and saving 100 GB data on laptop mode.   Larger than the capacity of DeviceX's memory.  That is fine as the OS will only save on DeviceX's storage only application marked as as always available on all mode.  The same will apply to the data. 

Blackberry Z10 Review, the continuation

I've found some annoyance in Blackberry Z10.  They are

  1. When sending an email via HUB, it is tricky to get the clip button appears.  It was hidden behind the software keyboard.  I was able to access it by sliding the top option and that will collapse the keyboard.  Then I hurriedly press the clip button.
  2. When I was making a phone call the alarm rings.  The alarm was routed to the handset's earpiece and it sucked.  There is no way to stop the ringing and there is no voice on the phone call.  No dismiss button, and even turning off the alarm from clock application did not work.  The phone have to be restarted to stop the alarm.

Camera Test - versus Lumia 710

The Z10 easily beats Lumia 710 in the dark.  These picture was taken this morning at dawn.


Lumia 710


Taken only few seconds apart, you can see, that Z10 produces better and clearer image at better colour accuracy: the colour conforms to my eyes.

The image below is the cropped frame from the images.  The Z10 images looks way better compared to the image from Lumia 710, keeping aside their resolution difference. 


8th May 2013,

Sorry if this message is insulting for you, but I guess I had to write it.  Hate to say that, but the price of human baby here in Indonesia is cheaper than the price of a dog.  Well...  You can open these links for the truth.

Anyway I just got a Blackberry Z10.  My old Blackberry 9860 which was died before a year of use and it died ungracefully.  The 9860 becomes unresponsive just after rebooting and there is nothing I can do.  The Blackberry shop requires 1 month for the repair to complete and all of the data in the phone will be lost.  I have no time to wait a month without a business phone.  Imagine how much opportunity that will loss without the phone, and that will translate to a lot of Blackberries. 

Lucky I got the data backed up and loosing 1 contacts only.  So I decided to buy the Z10 and dump the 9860.  All the data restoration works and I got all my contacts back. 

Blackberry Z10 Review

I was a bit disappointed by Z10's built quality: it looks cheap and does not reflect the IDR 6.999.999 pricetag it commands. It is around 720 USD.

Compared to iPhone 5, Lumia 920 or Galaxy SIII (S4 perhaps?) that are priced similarly, the Z10 looks like an enlarged low quality phone.  Even the 9860's metal body with chrome accent looks more expensive.

However comparing the screen quality, well, it has some of the best and brightest LED screen I've ever seen in mobile phone, save for OLED screens.

More Indonesia's Z10 is not using the latest and state of the art Qualcomm Snapdragon Krait SOC.  It uses the inferior TI OMAP SOC and that translates to more power drain and of course slower performance.

Battery life

On first charge the 1800mAh battery finishes within 3 hours and the Z10 charged really slowly.

Z10 is built flat like brick, therefore hard to pick when placed on a flat surface.  The older 9860's curved body is way better.  It is easier to grasp when laid on a flat surface.  More often than not I'm afraid to accidentally drop this 720 USD phone when picking it up on my bedside.

On 2nd charge however things fare much better.  Battery finishes after 7 hours of using and fiddling.  It was used for 3 hours of phone calls, 2 hours of texting and 1 hours of fiddling.  I was not entirely satisfied but the Z10 is a lot better than the 9860.  On third charge the battery can stand my average working day pattern.  Down to 20% when I arrived home.

Text Input

The on screen keyboard is a far better to 9860.  Its layout now follows QWERTY shape on QWERTY Blackberries and comparable to Lumia's 710.

What is so special about the Z10 lies on text editing baloon.  I don't know what is the real name to the baloon, but when I made a typo in a long paragraph or sentence and wanted to edit that typo.  I just type wherever near the location of the typo.  A large circular baloon appears circling the text select (the blinking bar that appears indicating edit mode), and I can move the text select location with precission.  Very handy!

It was weird to see, how they Z10's text prediction behaves when I write competitor's brand.  When I write 'nokia', it outputs 'no liability' and when I write 'iphone' it always add a space between 'i' and 'phone' making it 'I phone'.  In the other hand, my Nokia Lumia 710 accepts the word Blackberry and Iphone.

The Blackberry OS10 

From what I felt and understand I knew that Blackberry OS 10, Android and iOS is all a famiily.  OS10 is made from QNX, a form of Linux which is part of Unix family, while the Android is a real Linux distribution and iOS is a derivative of BSD which is also Unix.  Well, their similarity however, ends there.  Every maker and tuner adds their own code, optimisation and tweaks.  Therefore comparing those OS is like comparing car's engine: they are all basically pistons engine with different configurations.  Safe that for rotary engine, the only major mobile OS that is trully non Unix is Windows Phone. 


The camera of Z10 is very good.  Finally I found something to praise here.  I love the metering system of the Z10.  The metering works in conjunction with autofocus.  The focused area will be EV 0, therefore perfectly exposed while the darker or lighter area will be in whatever EV that I don't really care.  Testing to focus the camera in high contrast scene and focusing to a very dark region, well, the lighter area will be overexposed and the camera will make that focus point bright enough.

Focusing system is a little bit more complicated than Lumia 710's.  On the Lumia 710 I can just tap at whatever point on screen to move the focus there and capture the image.  On Z10 I need 2 steps.  First to swipe the focus green box to where I intended too and second tap again the green box.

I love camera's shallow depth of field as if uses SLR lens.  I've never tried iPhone 5's camera, but all I can say about Z10's camera is superb.

Blackberry HUB

It is the pride of Blackberry OS10.  All I can say, gone are the email and text message shortcut.  They are now all integrated to the HUB.  Using the hub for the first and second day can be really annoying.  By day 3 however, you can't live and use the Z10 without the HUB.  Even I accidentally swipe my Lumia 710 reminded of the hub.

If you are not used to the HUB, give yourself and the HUB some time.  The experience is rewarding.

What is missing

What I miss from the old 9860 is the automatic bedside mode.  Z10 can't enter bedside mode automatically at certain time.  The good news is the Z10 rarely crashed!  For once in three days I managed to made it slowly responding to my request.  Compare it to the 9860 which stop responding 5 times a day.  The crash is missing and my stress level went down!  I've never taught that Blackberry can make phone that is not crashing.

Other Comments

The Z10 should have bright prospect ahead it, however by today its programming seems immature and some minor inconvinience happened.  There is a problem with Blackberry Messenger that can't rotate while the phone orientation is changed from portrait to landscape.  However the Blackberry HUB will rotate when the phone orientation is changed. 

There is no select all function for all mail items then mark as read (this is bad) or contact in broadcasting BBM message (which is good actually so no people can send useless broadcast).  The HUB also need next message and previous message button on email reading mode.  I have to close and open the next message everytime and this is really waste of time.

There is also no resend function in HUB, at least per OS

Misplaced USB and HDMI plug.  They should swap the HDMI and USB plug location.  The USB cable is blocking my finger when I hold the Z10 in portrait mode.  

I believe that's for now, thank you for reading!  I'll update it later.

22nd April 2013,

Just returned from Bali, and got bunch of pictures to show off.  What a pity my internet connection got really slow and I could not upload the pictures.

Watch for phising scam from

Anyway I just won IDR 25 million from this fake Telkomsel website They texted this afternoon, telling me that I won IDR 25 million, about USD 2500.  Also they give me a pin that I is visible on the website.  I would not believe that rightaway.  Therefore I decided to open the website from my mobile phone a Nokia 710.  I instantly knew that the site was a deliberate phising scam.  They are using low quality image for the background, plenty of grammar mistakes, low quality contents, too many repetitive information, no reference or link to real telkomsel website and the most important is the sender name and phone number : not telkomsel's official, it was sent from 081335845469 and made a reference to


On I saw the number 0813331051888 and 021 50286087.  The culprit name is Edy Gunawan, S.Kom, which I'm 99% sure a fake name too.  Telkomsel never mention customer care's name on the website and the phone number should be the official call centre number of Telkomsel.  At least it should be a toll free number, not a throw away Simpati and Esia number as written on the website.  These are Telkomsel's official number:

  • Nasional : 08071811811
  • Jakarta : (021) 21899811
  • Bandung : (022) 2553811
  • Surabaya : (031) 8403811
  • Medan : (061) 4578811
  • Makasar : 0411 443052
  • Toll frees: 133, 155 and 188

Oh yes, it is also easy to fake a 'from number' in a text message using a specially written program and GSM modem like the Huawei E220.  Therefore your text will appear to be sent from Telkomsel.  Do not believe that from Telkomsel things on your mobile phone, especially when another throw away number exists on the text.


Feel free to browse their site.  I'd suggest you to use private browsing tough, to avoid viruses that might be there.  Below is the fake website.  See below Mr Hajj's picture, there is a wriing 'This is the default featured slide 5 title', it is a sign that this site was not carefuly done.  Telkomsel would not pick such website designer.


fake telkomsel website

Scrolling below one can find the social media (facebook, twitter and more) icons are not pointing to a correct destination.


Then Whois lookup reveals nothing as the ID is protected.  This Edy guy is a hijacker who are afraid that someone hijaks his website!  Legitimate company does not hide their ID.  The site is also about 1.5 months old.

whois fake website


Compare it to the real Telkomsel website below

real telkomsel website

To report such phising scam, you can text 1166 with this message 'penipuan*phone-number*the text', eg 'penipuan*081335845469*SELAMAT!!...'.  I'll try to text Edy guy, using a throw away number of course, a link to this website and see his response as he'll try his best to hack this site.  I think this will be fun.

13th April 2013,

Revelation came this morning that bank deposit is about as risky as stock investment, for the riches.  The reason being is: your bank might go out of business, just as Laika bank did in Cypress.  If you do have time deposits there, chances are you'll loose a portion of the money.  And when you have 1 million Euros there, your account, well, will be robbed for 900K Euros.  Not a small amount of money I believe.  90% of your money is vaporised.

However if say, you put your money in a well diversified stock portfolio and happens to own the stock of Laika, most likely you'll hear a lot of rumours regarding on what is happening in Laika and you'll sell it for a lot smaller of looses.  Your other stocks, still, probably valuates.

The myth that said stock is a risky investment is not true! 

5th February 2013,

I was wondering, if the living costs in Indonesia is really high...  Well, it appears my findings was true.  The price of meat in Indonesia is USD 9.5 a KG, which is twice as high compared to Australia, Malaysia or USA (USD 4.x a KG).  Lucky that I'm a vegetarian, so that does not affect me by much.  The price of car in Indonesia is also the same.

On average Indonesian office worker earns around IDR 10.000.000 - IDR 20.000.000 a month for feeding a family.  For most people that seems much, however it is not that much.  I don't use my living standard to judge it.  To afford a decent living standard as it is not enough to pay mortgage and car installment.  That number barely enough for daily living of a family with 2 kids in a rented house. 

This article was written back in 2008. 

Anyway I took this picture few days ago

I called it 'Ayo Sholat', which means lets pray.  You can see Mr Hajj (the one with white hat) who points his hand to a nearby mosque, the sky, which was pinkish purple reflects that the picture was taken when the sun is setting, which is Maghrib time for Mosleam prayer.  The message was very clear: lets pray.  People says this image was to some extent, does not appear to be taken on Earth, it was surreal.

The image, however was taken from two seperate but stitched together image.  The first image, Mr Hajj's gesture was nice but the mosque picture was bluring and the other image, Mr Hajj's is not posing nicely but the picture of the mosque was sharp.

I removed all the extra lights in the original image, added some colour saturations and by alll means I wanted to remove the guy who stands next to Mr Hajj, but I guess, that will bring a much more appealing and strong image, however too much fiddling with the image is just not me.

Therefore I decided to combine two of the pictures below:

The sky is really purplish pinkish in colour, but you'll need tricks to capture it purplish pinkish as I describe here on how to take pink sky.

The picture was taken on rest area on KM 97 Cipularang Tollway, from Bandung heading Jakarta.  Their security was not nice however, they don't allow me to snap pictures, which is only me who are not allowed to take picture.  Others people are okay and can took as many picture as they wish. 

Anyway been a while since I use my SLR camera to took pictures, as I was using mobile phones these days since I was thinking a mobile phone can take great picture and it was very compact and practical.  With Lomogram or any mobile image editing software, I can make a pretty attracting image already. 

After days or months of mobile phone images, I returned to my SLR, I was amazed by the technical image quality that I got from my camera.  So little noise while retaining so many details, so vivid colours, the ease of use, instant and speedy image capturing, and everything the SLR feels so much heaven compared to mobile phone.  It is worthy to note that my camera is 5 years old already and it is working better than when I got it brand new.  The reason is: I got more hours of fiddling with it yielding better pictures.

Nothing compares to an SLR for photography, it is simply the best tool for photography.  It sat right on the middle in terms of size and weight, in between Medium Sized camera to Compact Camera.  Unmatched instant shutter response and image quality is good enough huge enlargements even for APS-C class SLR cameras.  More the price of an SLR is not that expensive, some mobile phones are more expensive than an entry level SLR.  And the technical image quality, ease of use and performance of an entry level SLR is worlds beyond of that on a mobile phone. 

The saying of expensive SLR produces better image compared to entry level SLR, is as true as saying expensive frying pan made better tasting fried rice compared to cheap frying pan.

Comparing SLR to mobile phone is a sin against humanity.  Carefully made and selected pictures made using mobile phone camera is better than sloppy picture out of an SLR.  But when used by the same hand and mind, pictures of an SLR is way better.

31st January 2013,

A soap that can alleviate dermatitis atopic itch

I rarely write something like this, but, I believe I should write to help more people with what I found useful for me.

I suffer Dermatitis atopic on my skin.  Well, it is not deadly but, very uncomfortable and irritating.  The skin reds and rashes and then becoming very itchy.  They are everywhere, on my arm and legs.   


I'm looking for cure for years in Australia, Indonesia and China, however there is no cure for the disease.  Once the rash got removed, it is coming back to me out of nowhere.  Antibiotic is no help as the problem is caused by my own body’s immune system reacting to soap.  All I can do for years is by constantly applying steroids to keep the rashes under control.  However as I know steroids are not good as my body starting to adapt for it and the efficacy becomes less with time. Therefore I was looking for a replacement.  I don't want to use another steroid as might adapt to all kinds of steroids and I might not be able to use them in case of an emergency.  


Then I experimenting with different brand of soaps and it turns out that antiseptic soap are not a good replacement.  The more potent the antiseptic properties of a soap, the more itch it causes.  The cleaner the soap, the itchier my skin.  From now own, don't let clean feeling left by antiseptic soap fools you.  Antiseptic soap is actually cleaning and wiping all beneficial essential oil and bacteria of your skin making your skin vulnerable to itching especially in dry climate.  


So I tried to use different approach: switch to a milder soap.  Feminine wash works fine but it makes my body smells like, er, you know it, plus people will label me a maniac.  Baby soaps also fine but stills, made me smell like a baby.  They are not an option.   


Therefore I was changing soap every now and then looking for the best soap that stops my itch, some of Dove's soap works although some itching still occurs.  Until once upon a time, a friend of mine introduces me to Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Moisturising Shower and it worked. I got my itching are reduced.  I often experienced 8 spots of itches now there are almost no itching spot.  The milk and honey soap uses all natural ingredients, very mild on skin, does not dry skin and low on fragrance.  It simply does not have a large number of irritant in it.  Moreover, only a small amount of Milk and Honey is needed for a shower.  I use a tube of 200ml for a month and a half, two showers a day.  Way less compared to ordinary bath soap.  


Although this article might look like an advertisement, it is not an advertisement.  This article is my personal experience with the product as a DA suffering guy who is trying to tell fellow DA sufferer on how to reduce the itch.  Your experience may vary as I don't do any scientific research to back this claim.  However I believe it is worth to try the product, only IDR 75.000 a tube.  Compared to the steroid that I often use, the product is cheaper and of course the most important thing is the improved quality of life that you might get.  Also it is not a sin to spend small amount of money to try that soap right?  I can assure you that allergic reaction are less likely caused this soap as my skin are highly sensitive, and there is no allergic reaction that happened.  


If you need a sample, you can message me on twitter @sonylin, and then I will ship the product to you for free (Indonesia, one time only and for limited amount).  If it worked on you, you can always join us at Oriflame.  If you hate MLM and only wanted to use the product yourself, you can still order from me and tell your story of the Milk and Honey to me.  Also don't forget to tell fellow DA sufferers about the Milk and Honey so they can have a better life.  


Anyway, only Oriflame's Milk and Honey Gold Moisturising Shower can reduce the itch.  Their Discover Santorini and Borneo could not do much.  If you wanted to join Oriflame and order Milk and Honey Gold Moisturising Shower, please open this page at and register yourself.  It is my friend's page, a leader in Oriflame who introduces me to milk and honey soap.  I highly recommend you to join Oriflame.  


What is good about joining Oriflame is you can get some of your cash back when you reach certain level.  In my case, I got free soaps and toiletry every month just by referring to two friends a month.  And despite of my level of income, I do still love freebies.


25th January 2013,

A view of Bundaran HI (Hotel Indonesia Runabout) from the top of Menara BCA tower in Jakarta.  The weather sucks, as fogs are everywhere and made the image lost contrast (on the left). Therefore I deliberately converted to black and white in Lomogram software and added some vignetting (on the right). 

I was completely taken by surprise, well, not really actually.  I know what I can do and I already expected this image when I draw my mobile phone.  Nowhere as sharp as image from an SLR camera but decent enough to draw viewer's attention. 

First I wanted to make the picture looks pale and yellow to joke: convey impression that this image is about Jakarta's past.  However I decided to make it black and white as the image was made in present.

bundaran HI Jakarta Tempo Kini

Jakarta Tempo Kini - (Jakarta Today)

The flood has subsides and the life startes to begin, tough some part of the city is still flooded.  Therefore Thamrin and Sudirman Rd are not as congested as usual.

How to get to this spot: visit Grand Indonesia shopping mall, then go to Gramedia on the 3rd Floor and jumps to the elevator behind Gramedia that will took you to level 56.  However they don't allow SLR at that place.  Hate it much!  Altough I might just throw the image if I use SLR to capture it in the first place.

Mobile phone is so casual, that editing image in it only a few touches away.  Unlike computer editing tools that needs considerable amount of time editing.  It was never the difficulties involved or time required in making an image.  It is just how the image feels good to you and the viewer.

20th January 2013,

New interface is now online.  I will need to fix some kinks first. 

Compared to my old website, the new website is way faster, less cluttered, complies to HTML 5 and much more readable for both user of mobile device and PC alike.  Optimised for easy reading and image viewing.  I even define the colour space to sRGB and image rendering intent of this website for photo viewing too.

I've tested the update on Blackberry 9860 running Blackberry OS 7.1, Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows Mobile 7.5 and the website is very readable in a mobile device.  I have no Android or iPhone to check if this site renders correctly, but I supposed it so.  Since I use only standard HTML5 syntax.

Weight reduction process has succeeded.  I will add some other things like Tweetbox, Site meter, Google search and HTML certification too.  They must be streamlined to match the look and feel of the site.

19th January 2013,

Firstly I wanted to make this site super simple, so it will load much faster and complies to HTML5 standard. Good bye XHTML.  I will remove the Cbox (switched to twitter), and remove all ads from Godaddy, Amazon and Digg, Entrecard and every other advertising and displays only my company's ads.  You know, well, when you have your own company, why display others :)

Then I've thinking to ditch Gallery 2.3 too, and utilise my own gallery on this site as my own researched gallery.  It is really fast and very simple to use.  My gallery just does not show the exif data which I can easily add. 

Thats due to an installation issue with Gallery 2.3, as it will, in some browser display gallery upgrade page.  Also Gallery 2.3 failed to load by Jakarta cityscape picture as it is simply too big.  It was a nice software anyway.

The Curse of Windows

As I've predicted few months ago, the curse of Windows is real.  The sales of Windows 8 plummeting below expectation and drives PC sales slow.

New year old problems!

The year is new but the problem stays old!  The City, Jakarta is flooded and it was deeply flooded.  Things are really bad there, lucky for me I stayed in the suburbs which is free from flood.  Some of my friends are, stuck, in their homes. 

Another old problem, which is as old as human society, and many people believe: money is the root of all problem.  I would gladly say: those people are wrong.  Money is not the source every problem.  Money is an answer looking for a problem.  No money is a real problem.

These days I was wondering how much does it really costs to live in Jakarta, for a family with 2 kids living a decent live.

Here is my description of a decent live:

  • Living in a house with appropiate size (about 200 sqm, give or take 10%).  The house should be free from flood and located in the suburb (not in North, South, East West or Centre Jakarta) but can reach Jakarta within 60 minutes of commuting.  Tangerang or Bekasi are okay.  Any longer than 60 minutes commuting time is not good for your live. 
  • And a car for each of the parent.  The car should not be a luxurious car, in the class of Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla or lower. 
  • The family should not buy luxurious items as branded watches such as Rolex or Chopard or branded fashion items such as LV bags or Prada wallet. 
  • The kids, well, will study in a school in the neighbourhood, not in an very high end school like the SPH (Sekolah Pelita Harapan that teaches horse riding.
  • No maid or servants and no driver.
  • No dinning out at restaruant every weekend.  The father works and eat lunch outside.  Breakfast and dinner are cooked by the wife.  While the mother and kids eat cooked meal everyday.
  • A single family outing once a year. 
  • Electronics and white goods such as mobile phone, computers, TV's, fridges, microwave, washing machine etc are changed occassionally.  The mom and kids inherited mobile phone from the father.
  • Insurance

As you people may see, the living that I've described is not a luxury living.  It is rather standard.  So now, lets calculate how much does that living costs.

  1. Meal: a single meal for lunch costs IDR 30.000 in Jakarta.  For the father only, 20 x 30.000 = 600.000 a month.  Breakfast and dinner are home cooking, it is IDR 8.000 - IDR 10.000 a meal for him.  30 x 10.000 x 2 + 10 x 10.000 = 700.000 for the father.  For the wife and kids, it is also 10.000 a meal.  So 3 x 10.000 x 30 x 3 = 2.700.000.  Total IDR 4.000.000 a month and IDR 48.000.000 a year.
  2. Clothing: an average Joko (Indonesian) buys 5 clothes a year.  1 for Christmas or Chinese New Year or Eid, 1 for New Year and the other are for replacing old clothing.  Plus 2 trousers or jeans.  While Siti (Joko's wife) tends to buy twice of that number.  I don't mean to be sexists, but, thats the fact.  Kids are about the same as father, but their clothing is cheaper.  The price of a decent man's shirt is IDR 350.000, while the price of trousers is IDR 650.000.  So Joko needs IDR 3.050.000, and Siti needs IDR 7.100.000. 
    • Their kids, well, assuming they got one boy and one girl, and kid's clothing costs half of their parents, we can safely assume 5.075.000 for the kid.  Total cost for clothing for a year IDR 15.225.000. 
    • And that did not include shoes, ladies bag and more.  Siti and the kids needs a brand new bag and a pair of shoes once a year shoes, and Joko needs a pair of shoes too.  Joko's shoes costs IDR 1.000.000 a pair, Siti's shoes are tad cheaper at 600.000 a pair but her bag is IDR 3.000.000 each.  Kids shoes are 400.000 a pair and their bag is 500.000 a pair.  Total 6.400.000 a year.
    • Fashion items costs IDR 21.625.000 a year.
    • Oh yes, you can always visit a factory outlet that is 2 hours away, but that's not the point of this article.  As visiting those factory outlets costs too.
  3. Electronics and white goods.  Mobile phone's life is 3 years at most, as a business man Joko needs two, one Blackberry and one iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note.  He needs a high end mobile phone, as his partner won't respect him when he use cheap phones.  Joko also changes his phone once a year, as he could not accept dropping battery or crashed phones that leads to loss of business opportunity.  His wife and kids are inheriting Joko's phones.  So will need IDR 15.000.000 a year in mobile phone only.
    • Computers are used for 3 years.  1 for every family member.  A low end computer costs IDR 3.000.000, so you will need 9.000.000 for Siti and kids.  While Joko needs a decent laptop at IDR 9.000.000.  So the IT needs are IDR 18.000.000 for 3 years or IDR 6.000.000 a year.
    • White goods are used for 10 years.  This will count inflation so you can always get a new items every 10 years.  A new TV set costs IDR 20.000.000, 2.000.000 a year.  Washing Machine 3.000.000, 300.000 a year.  Dishwasher 6.000.000, 600.000 a year. Fridge 10.000.000, 1.000.000 a year.  Microwave 1.000.000, 100.000 a year.  Stove 3.000.000, 300.000 a year.
    • for electronics and white goods IDR 26.200.000 a year
  4. Now it comes to kid's tuition fees.  The tuition fees in a school nearest to my home is IDR 2.500.000 a month for a Junior High student.  So for two kids, it is IDR 5.000.000 a month or 60.000.000 a year.  Not including their text book. 
    • Joko and Siti wanted the kid to be skilled, so the kids attends various courses like Chinese, English, Swimming, Dancing, Maths, and more.  The course fees averages IDR 1.500.000 a month for a kid and for two kids is IDR 3.000.000 a month.  This totals to 36.000.000 a year.
    • The fees for kid's study is IDR 96.000.000 a year.
  5. After doing a year of stressful events, Joko needs a holiday with family.  Unfortunately due to his business, he can only go once a year and it would be in December where ticket and hotel prices skyrockets.  So he deciced to take tour with his family.  One person is USD 1000 plus their shopping can reach USD 1500 or IDR 15.000.000 for a tour to a nearby country.  So for the vacation and holiday is IDR 60.000.000 a year.  Joko might also chooses to have small fun with family and kids too, to Ancol or dining out on the weekend, but he chooses to save it for an overseas tour as the costs would be the same.
  6. Insurance for Joko, well, since I don't like insurance myself, I will put as IDR 1.500.000 a month for him or IDR 18.000.000 a year.  Siti and the kids are not insured as she is not working.
  7. Housing, here came the tricky part.  Everybody needs a house, and the price of a house in the suburb near Jakarta is around IDR 1.500.000.000 unfurnished.  For a 10 years terms of mortgage, you are due of IDR 15.000.000 a month or IDR 180.000.000 a year.  I own such a house and mind you, it is not a luxury home.  Stays in a 180m2 land, and got 3 + 1 bedroom, 3 + 1 bathroom, no marble floors, plus the ceiling leaks when rainning.  More every 10 years you will need to renovate your home, IDR 100.000.000 should be enough.  So a year of IDR 10.000.000 is fine for saving.
  8. Jakarta got no nice public transport, plus Joko is very mobile, so Joko needs to drive his own car.  Also for Siti, knowing that Jakarta is not safe, she wanted safety for the kids and she needs to drive and pick the kids to and from school.  So Joko chooses a Honda Civic for IDR 400.000.000 (USD 40.000, ridiculously expensive, I know you can get a BMW 3 series for that in the US) for him and a Toyota Kijang for IDR 260.000.000, a minivan perfect for a soccer mom, for Siti.  The installment is IDR 15.000.000 a month for three years.  Joko travels, on average, 50 km a day, 1500 km a month or 120 litre of RON 95 fuel (IDR 1. 200.000).  While Siti is 15 km a day, 300 km a month or 30 litre of RON 92 fuel (IDR 300.000).  The Kijang will be serviced once a year for IDR 1.000.000 while the Civic is serviced every 6 months for IDR 1.000.000.  So a year the car costs 15.000.000 x 12 + 1.500.000 x 12 + 1.000.000 + 2.000.000 = 201.000.000,00
  9. Savings.  You will need to save, but that is outside the scope of this article.

So the total expenses for Joko's family for a year is IDR 644.825.000.  And Joko needs to make about IDR 54.000.000 a month.  This is numbers are true and not made up!  Well, not true to the exact figure, but somewhat close.

For Indonesian, if you are shocked, so do I.  I've never calculated this way and that figure is just unbelieveable.  However after I reiterate the calculation...  I know, that the number is just right.