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Comparison between a PDA and an Agenda

  • I decided to create the most ridiculous comparison of the year, or probably the millennium, between two groups of devices that serves the same purpose, however gapped by more than two millenniums old technology to the latest technology in keeping notes.  I will compare an agenda to a PDA, devices that shares the same purpose, split thousands of years apart.  I will keep this comparison apple to apple, so I will not compare their memory capabilities, how many colours can they display, what device can take pictures, and so ever. However I will compare their ease of use, their availability and other things that relates with daily use.  This is a real death match! 

  • PDA is a new kind of technology, invented in late the 20th Century, and powered by battery.  While Agenda was invented few millennium BC in ancient Egypt and China and has been used to keep track of a progress for eons.  It is unclear who first invent the Agenda.

  • When I own a PDA back in 1993, it was very different compared to my newest and latest PDA.  My PDA back then has a huge black and white (green) LCD display, compared to Samsung i780, my old PDA's screen is about twice in area!  My old PDA is also way much better in battery consumption, it can be used for more than a year without charging. 

  • I also own an agenda also in 1990's, however when I got the PDA, it directly replaces my agenda.  Well, that's a brief history, now back to the comparison, these are the advantages of PDA

    • PDAAgenda
      Can be used in the dark, since almost all PDA available in the market has backlight.Can't be used in the dark.  You will need a flashlight!
      Can be used without pen.You will always need a pen to use an agenda.  Otherwise it becomes a read only media.
      Can ring a reminder.Agenda can't ring a reminder, therefore the chance of missing an appointment is greater.
      Can be used to play a game, however gaming is not productive after all, so this is not an advantage.Only simple game can be played on an agenda such as cross word puzzle, fig-jig, tic-tac with friends etc.
      Can be password protected and encrypted.Your data is publicly available after people took your agenda, unless you are a doctor.
      Can't be used in overly bright area, used under direct tropical sunlight will render a very dark and unreadable display.Room brightness is not a problem.
      Requires periodical charging.Does not require electricity.
      Modern PDA is small and light.An agenda usually sizes A5 (210 x 148 mm) or larger, and heavier than PDA.
      First investment is expensive, however it will pay off if your PDA can be used for several years.  Data transferring between old and new PDA is not cumbersome.First investment is cheap, about Rp 100.000,00 (USD 8) for a good agenda plus a pen.  However you will need to replace the agenda once a year.  And replacing an agenda means you will need to backup all the data on the old agenda.
      Data recovery is enormously difficult or almost impossible if the PDA was broken.Data recovery is much easier on an Agenda.
      Luckily, PDA is easy to backup.  Just synchronise it with the computer, everything is backed-up.Backing up an agenda is a problem and waste, since you will need to photo copy every page on it, or at least rewrite them.
      The chance that you will leave a PDA phone at home while going outside is small.I left my agenda at home when hanging out with friends.
      PDA left on a car will attract thieves and break ins.No body cares about your agenda, so it's safe to put it on the car.
      Your grandma can't use PDA, due to its small sized letters and many other restrictions.  However, zoom functions are available to help.Your grandma can use agenda with ease.  Need to enlarge the letter size, just write big!  Need to enlarge something small, just photocopy it with large size at Rp 100 per page!
      Somewhat difficult to use and write.Easy and fast to write in.
  • The verdict: PDA is a great device which is designed to replace agenda anytime soon.  However, many people were unsatisfied with PDA since writing a PDA is slower than writing in an Agenda and PDA requires more caring such as charging and can't be dropped of the roof.  Me, myself choose PDA since I wanted easy backup and an always accompanying reminder.  However my sister chooses Agenda since she taught it was clearer to write on an agenda.  So, it's all yours to choose between them. 

  • Now, what do you think of my idea?  A PDA with solar cells on its back and micro kinetic power generator inside.  Therefore the PDA will always be recharged when it stays on the pocket or on the table.  The solar cell should be retractable so we can change its battery when the battery drops.  Then PDA's greatest weakness of depending on electricity is eliminated.

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