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Windows Mobile 6.1 Registry Tweak

Disclaimer: This tweak is on intermediate category and involves registry hacks.  Therefore I require the user to have some basic knowledge about registry, Windows Mobile, data recovery and know the risk of registry hacks.  Since this values were obtained from trial and errors, I can't guarantee that this tweaks are effective for your WM phone and I can't be held responsible of any damaged device, inoperable devices and loss of data (although I'll do my best to help you recover any lost of data).  Before proceeding, I strongly suggest that you make a full system system backup.

I recommend the freeware Total Commander for registry editing.  It is a very powerful but dangerous tool.

Good Tweaks

  • Flow Control
    • Flow control is used to control communication device such as modem and serial.  There are 2 kinds of flow control, software and hardware.  Hardware flow control is better since it will free the main processor from controlling the modem and serial ports, therefore making better internet experience.  However sometimes hardware flow control is not compatible with connections therefore requiring software flow control.  This tweak will enable hardware flow control.
    • HKLM\Drivers\Serial\AutoFlowControl = 1
    • HKLM\Drivers\USB\FunctionDrivers\Serial_Class\Config\EnableFlowHard = 1
    • HKLM\Drivers\USB\FunctionDrivers\Serial_Class\Config\EnableFlowSoft = 0
    • HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial2\AutoFlowControl = 1
  • GWES power off
    • GWES is the shell that control windows in Windows Mobile.  Turning it off will somewhat save some power, although not much however slowing down the PDA by certain degree.
    • HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\DisableGwesPowerOff = 0
  • Fixing skipping audio
    • This tweak will fix the skipping audio while playing PDA at the expense of wasted RAM
    • \\registry\HKLM\Audio\SoftwareMixer\BufferSize=1048576
    • \\registry\HKLM\Audio\SoftwareMixer\Priority256=250
  • Enhancing display speed
    • This tweak will force the PDA to use faster, not particularly better buffering technique.
    • \\registry\HKLM\Drivers\Display\Active\Built In LCD\BufferMode = 2 or 3
  • Enabling screen orientation adjustment.  This tweak will show orientation adjustment in Settings -> Screen, General Tab.  Therefore enabling menu to enable screen rotation and flipping.  Some mobile phone does not need this since it already show orientation adjustment.
    • HKLM\System\GDI\ROTATION\HideOrientationUI=0
    • If your wanted to disable orientation adjustment, you can set HideOrientationUI=1.
    • To make rotated or flipped screen's text looks better you can enable clear type when orientation is adjusted.

Don't do:

  • Changing GPS buffer will render the GPS inoperable.
    • HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Multiplexer\MaxBufferSize
    • HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\Samsung GPS Hardware\InputBufferSize
    • HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\Samsung GPS Hardware\OutputBufferSize
  • Setting auto format to true will delete all your data when memory card is inserted to the PDA
    • HKLM\System\StorageManager\Profiles\AutoFormat = 1

Be cautious when changing:

  • HKLM\Drivers\Builtin\SDHC_ZYLONITE1\FastPathEnabled = 1
    • will render the mobile phone unbootable with some incompatible cards.  If your mobile phone is inoperable after changing this, try to remove the memory card and reboot your device.  Usually this helps operating the device, then set it back to 0.
  • Enabling DMA
  • Enabling Buffers and Caches
    • This methods here fill force your PDA to buffer the file writing process and you will loose your data if your PDA switched off, like empty battery or pressing the standby button, on the writing process.
    • This tweak is covered by Advanced Config.  However I'll share some more.
    • HKLM\System\StorageManager\Profiles\MSFlash\FATFS\EnableWriteBack = 1
  • Enabling clear type font while the screen orientation is adjusted
    • This tweak will enable clear type when the display is rotated to landscape or even flipped.  However, some mobile phone's can't display text properly when using this tweak, resulting colour fringes on the text.  So, be careful!
    • HKLM\System\GDI\ClearTypeSettings\OffOnRotation=0

That's all friends!  Anyway, I have Windows Mobile 5 Registry Tweak as well.  You may try to implement it on WM 6.1 if you love some adventures :)

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