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Secret O2 XDA ii Registry Tweak: Enabling Advanced Graphic Performance

Disclaimer: This tweak is on intermediate category and involves registry hacks.  Therefore I require the user to have some basic knowledge about registry, Windows Mobile, data recovery and know the risk of registry hacks and I can't be held responsible of any damaged device and loss of data (although I'll help to recover any lost of data).  Before proceeding, I strongly suggest that you make a full system system backup.

I recommend the freeware Total Commander for registry editing.  It is a very powerful and dangerous tool.

This hack was my discovery back in 2006.  It was long lost since I sold my O2 XDA ii, and recently found in the pile of old file.  This enables advanced graphic performance by enabling the hardware acceleration on ATI chipset inside the XDA ii.  I've tried this hack with another Himalaya based mobile phone such as Qtek and it works really well.  While combined with WM5 Registry Hack, your PDA will run super fast!

First open: \HKLM\System\GDI\Drivers\ATI\

Then find the value: DisableDeviceBitmap set to 0

And: DisableHwRoundRect set to 0

This will enable the hardware acceleration on the ATI chipset.  If you'd like to enable even faster speed, you experiment with other values such as PuntBitBltSWbrush=1, however if you enable all the Punt settings, it will clog the ATI chipset and made the display rendering slower!  Feel free to experiment with the settings!

I have not find any other PDA phone that can use this registry tweaks, however it worth looking whether your Windows Mobile PDA have this setting, since the speed gain is significiant!  If this tweak could be applied, please tell me what your PDA is and I'll share it here to help other user!

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