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Message to all car manufacturer in Indonesia

In Indonesia car is priced much more expensive compared to other country.  Here I will share and compare the car's price in Australia, America and Indonesia normalised to US Dollar per today's rate, 7th May 2009.  Don't be shocked to see the Indonesian car price!

The exchange rate

  • IDR -> USD: USD 1 = IDR 10.342,22
  • AUD -> USD: USD 1 = 1.31788

All car compared here is the highest specification available on the country.  I can't get the exactly same specification for each car, therefore to make it easy I just choose the most expensive variant available.

Moreover I only compare Japanese car that were imported on Indonesia, Australia and America, although I'm unsure about the US version of Honda Accord.  Please use the Cbox on the RHS of this page to tell me about what car you would like to know the price in Indonesia!

Please check the table below for your reference!

Car (Specification)Price Indonesia (Specification)Price Australia (Specification)Price Indonesia -> USDPrice Australia -> USDPrice USA (Specification)
Honda Jazz (1.5 L A/T)Rp 221.500.000,00
(1.5 L Jazz RS)
AUD 25,290.00 (Jazz 1.5 L Auto)USD 21,417.07USD 19,210.46USD 18,110.00
(Honda Fit)
Toyota Yaris (1.5 A/T)Rp 207.450.000,00 (1.5 S A/T)AUD 22,690.00
(Yaris YRX 1.5 5 Doors Auto)
USD 20,058.56USD 17,217.05USD 15.126,00
(Yaris 5 Doors Auto)
Honda Accord (3.5 V6 A/T)Rp 705.000.000,00
(3.5 L V6 AT)
AUD 49,000.00 (V6 Luxury)USD 68,167.18USD 37,932.13USD 30.905,00
(EX-L V-6)

You can also see its specification by clicking the links provided then you'll know that Indonesian got less sophisticated technology for a higher price! 

For example:

  • Indonesian Honda Jazz got only 2 airbags compared to Australian model that received 6 airbags, please be reasonable! 
  • American Honda Accord for USD 30.905.00 receives satellite navigation, and we have none of them!

As you can see that Indonesian pays more for their car compared to other country's citizen.  That's due to the tax and import duty!  However those factors doesn't justify the hefty price difference since the car were downgraded and we receive inferior products.  The car manufacturer should at least gave higher specified and superior built car in Indonesia.

Before the AFTA (Asean Free Trade Agreement), the price differs even more, that a car could costs two or three times more expensive!  I used to drive a Camry that costs AUD 27,250 back in 2003 (about IDR 147.000.000,00), and the Indonesian price is just over Rp 330.000.000,00, which is more than twice more expensive!

The conclusion is: we all have been ripped off to buy an inferior car at much higher price!

That's for today.  Hopefully car manufacturers gave attention to this article.  However, they probably won't give us better car, since it reduces their profits :)