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  • Guru 3D:
    • A complete computer hardware review and sometimes other funny news.  I recommend this website to be read by all computer fans.
  • Tom's hardware:
    • A detailed article on computer hardware and software, more detailed compared to guru 3D, however their update are not fast as Guru 3d's.
  • Website building tutorial:
    • A brief website building tutorial.  After learning from this website, expect you can write your own website.
  • Another website building tutorial:
    • This site teaches you all the basics of RSS.
  • More information on building html:
    • This site teaches you on how to create favicon on your website, there is nothing wrong with adding a cute little icon on your site I believe :)
  • IOI:
  • My web hosting:
    • If you feel that my website opens quickly and wanted to use it as your hosting, feel free to open, and they have $1.99 Domain Name Sale!
  • DV Computers:
    • A computer shop in Myaree, Western Australia, I can tell you to shop all your computer needs there, since the owners are honest and their items are reasonably priced.  Moreover give excellent warranty on the product they sold, both new and used!  Their website is:  Ko Marcos & ko Dean you don't have to pay me for this!

Photography & videography

  • Camera store:
  • Wijaya Digital: +62 21 6017045
    • Wijaya Digital is a discount camera and lens store.  It is located in Mangga Dua Mall's ground floor near Pizza Hut.  They took orders by phone and ship to everywhere in Indonesia.  Their contact person is Ferra.  I got my Canon EF-S 10-22mm there.
  • Camera and lens reviews:
    • dpreview will review all the recently launched camera.  This website usually give comprehensive, fair and detailed camera preview. 
  • Good Photography theory:
    • A Nikon fans that publishes his own photography theory, although sometimes not scientifically backed, his theory are correct, at least for me.  I learn to take picture from this website, and after learning from him, my picture quality improves significantly.  Thanks Ken!
  • Wedding video service:
    • My friend's wedding video service.  Haven't tried the service though, but I believe it should be good.


  • Stock quoting and for helping technical analysis:
      • This website provides the stock graph and technical analysis.  For Indonesian stock, please don't forget to put .JK behind the ticker symbol.  E.g. BUMI.JK
      • This website provides information on company's profit and loss.  For Indonesian stock, please don't forget to put JAK: before the ticker symbol. E.g. JAK:BUMI.  On this website, putting suffix .JK for also works.
      • Where I got the widget that displays world's major index position.
      • Where I got the widget to do currency conversion.
  • Indonesian Stock Exchange:
    • This website provides information on all listed companies in Indonesia including the financial report and corporate actions.
  • Stock broker:
    • Online stock broker that I use, they only took low commission and their system is reliable.  My recommendation is to use online brokers where you can make your decision without any interruption.
  • Berkshire Hathaway:
    • Warran Buffet's company, he is certainly the best investor ever lived.  Read all of his letter to the shareholder, and follow his principle.  Hopefully you can own 10% worth of his fortune (worth about 6 billions of dollar)!

Family and friends

  • Antony Pranata
    • My older cousin brother.  He used to work in Nokia, very clever and quiet.  Also loves photography and his wife.  He lives in Canada, and that made me envy him because he can photograph autumn scenery, my favourite, that were not available here.
  • Hendy Irawan:
    • An old friend of mine, he is an IOI medallist, very clever.