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My website is a personal blog that shares my personal life and experiences on photography, computers and investment.  This site dedicated for Indonesian, especially Magelangers (orang Magelang or Magelangan) who live overseas or in different city and miss Indonesia or Magelang. 

Moreover it is also for people who wanted to know more about Indonesia and its culture.  Least but not least, I also welcome everyone (yes everyone: includes AI crawler robots, alien from outer space, cybernetics life forms, inter dimensional species) who visit this site.

About me and my family

I was born in Indonesia as Chinese descendent ethnic Hokchia from Fuqing.  I've put my family tree link here to put space on the page's header: Family tree

For more information about me, please visit my friendster page:

Early life and child hood

This is the history early history of my life

I was born in a poor farmer's family.  My father raise pigs for their meat and sell them. 

- OR -

My father owns multimillion dollar textile mills complete with dedicated spinning mill.  I grew up in the elite district of my town.

Those are two version of my child hood.  It does not matter which version of my early life and child hood are true, as long as I can be a great man :)

My teacher used to complaints why my writing is slow and ugly.  I started to use computer before I was even 3 years old!  I type before I can write!  That is why I type faster and better than I write.

Primary schools

I studied in SD Tarakanita, it was local's Catholic school.  Most of the teacher thinks that I was very clever, however I could not understand why are the teachers thinks that am that kind of person.  I'm just an ordinary student that starving for good marks, which I could never get :(

GPS Coordinates:

High school

I studied in SMP Negeri 2, my junior high school's name changed so often that I forget on what name I studied there.  It could be SMP Negeri 2 or SLTP Negeri 2.  I started to learn programming here.  Thanks to my father who always helped me in learning those hard things.

Then I continue to study in SMA Negeri 1, it also changes names quite often.  I believe when I enter there, it was called SMU Negeri 1, but now its called SMA Negeri 1 or even SLTA Negeri 1.  I'm unsure, have to check its name sign every year lol.

In SMA Negeri 1, I represent my country in I participating in programming competition such as IOI 1999 in Antalya Turkey, IOI 2000 in Beijing China, and representing my high school in Computer Star held by Monash University and others.  More information about IOI can be found in their website.


Then I moved to Perth, Australia.  I studied in Curtin University of Technology, taking course of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration

Before studying in Curtin University, first I must study on CIC (Curtin International College). 

On the last year of studying in Curtin University, I worked in DV Computers Australia as computer technician.  Later, DV's owner asked me to work as computer programmer.

Previous works

I worked in Spider Embroidery as Acting Manager.  Then I moved to printing company as a consultant.  I advice them on marketing and production strategy on weekly meetings.  It works well, and I manage to increase the company's sales by almost 50% on my first 3 months.

Then I started out to venture into my own business.  I invest in a printing machine and started a printing company.  The company works well and generates some profits.  However since I've decided to study Chinese I put the run of printing company to a manager.  Now I've got a passive income from that company (Woo hoo!), that I used to buy the camera gears :)

Postgraduate Studies

I did not take any master or doctor degree.  I hate it!  Too much study wasting money, not useful.  However I prefer to study Chinese in Shanghai.  I studied in Shanghai Shifan Daxue (上海师范大学), the normal translation is Shanghai Teacher Trainings University, but the official translation is Shanghai Normal University.  Which I still can't grasp why they translate it to Normal.

Current status

I worked in PT. Golden Sun Indonesia, a trading company.  The company is just established and in preparation stage.  We have not even started trading!  I'm in charge of preparing the marketing strategy for the company.  I hope by March we can start trading and making profits.

I'm a primary school teacher!  Can you imagine?  I teach Chinese to those kids!  Although only for 3 weeks, since their teacher is going to Melbourne, but it was a very happy experience!

Now I 'officially' started to trade stocks, Indonesian stock listed on BEJ.  I've put my stock market analysis on my investment page.  I'll upgrade my investment page to use RSS soon, so people can subscribe to receive my analysis updates.

I might be the only people who crazy enough to put advertisement in my resume.

My next project, is selling clothing on the internet.  My family had a long history in textile and apparel business.  My grandmother from my mum has started a small garment since 1950s, and my grandfather from my father has engaged in textile trading since 1950s.  For the last half century my family earns living from textile.

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