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10 hal yang rawan di klaim negeri tetangga / 10 things that are vulnerable to neighbour claim

Disclaimer: this page was written just for fun and joke.

Perhatian: halaman ini dibuat hanya untuk fun dan bercanda saja.

Now that the Batik is safe, it is recognised by the UNESCO as Indonesian Cultural heritage on 3rd of October.  We all rejoice that and wear batik on that day.  However, there are 10 things that our beloved neighbour might claim as theirs in the future.  Here they are in an unordered list.

  • Bunga Citra Lestari / Buncil / BCL
    • She is an Indonesian actress who married to a Malaysian actor, so there are the possibility is high here.
  • Gamelan
    • Is a traditional musical instrument made using bars of brass over wooden resonating chamber.  It sounds by hitting the brass using special sticks.
  • Ambalat
    • An island located very strategically between Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.  Whoever control Ambalat can strike Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia with one missile launch. 
  • Orang-utan or orangutan
    • There are two version of Orang-utans, Sumatera's and Kalimantan's, since some of our neighbour is located in Kalimantan, and there is a big possibility that the neighbour could claim the orang-utan.
    • Although orangutan litreally translates to forest man, it should not be confused with Indonesian's orang rimba, which is translated to jungle man.  Orang rimba are homo sapiens, however they are very primitive and lives on the jungle just like Tarzan.
  • Rafflesia Arnoldii
    • An plant native to Bangka.  Although it stinks as a dead skunk, this plant one of Indonesia's pride.
  • Red Arowana
    • Although our neighbour also have arowana, their arowanas are green or blue.  Indonesian's are red.  If one red arowana swam inside our neighbour's border, there will be a possibility that it would be claimed.
  • Soto
    • Soto is Indonesia's answer to European soup.  Soto came in variety of taste and variation such as Makasarian (Coto Makasar), Maduran (Soto Madura), Kudusan (Soto Kudus), Lesah and more.  However our neighbour have Laksa which appears like soto and they might claim it.
  • Bunaken
    • Bunaken is Indonesia's best coral reef triangle.  However judging from Tari Pendet experience, it is possible that Bunaken will be put on our neighbour advertisement. 
  • Anjing Kintamani (Kintamani Dog)
    • Kintamani Dog is an original Indonesian breed of dog.  Although not famous, Kintamani is not a mutt.  It is originally Indonesian just like like German Shepherd from Germany, Peking dog from China.
    • It is white, beautiful with long hairy fur.  However a little bit fierce just like Dobermans.
    • As it's name suggest, this dog was originated from Bali.  However since this dog is not famous, our beloved neighbour could easily say this dog are their breed.
  • Halo-halo Bandung
    • A music from the time of Bandung liberation was written by Ismail Marzuki.  I just put Halo-halo Bandung here to make the list 10.