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Airliner in China

Disclaimer: this article only shows one example of an airliner in China.  I can't say which one, since it will discredit them.  This article is not a representative of all Chinese Airliners.  Some of Chinese airliners are very good, and unfortunately I'm was on one of the worst.

When boarding a plane I always check for life vest, and this time I can't find one.  Anyway, I flew a brand new Boeing 737-800 and I can't find a life vest under my seat!  Then I look around to find the safety leaflet and on the seat pocket I find this leaflet (click to view larger size)

And this picture just happens in front of my nose

This is the first time I flew without lifevest!  Then I asked the stewardess, she answered since the plane won't flew above sea a life vest is unnecessary!  Well, she lied to me since I saw the plane flew for a few minutes over the water!

So, my conclusion is: just in case something really wrong happens, I only had seat cushion for my floatation.  Although I'm adept in swimming, I'd love to have life vest to assist me floating!  Hopefully the airliner will check for life vest thoroughly next time!