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Watch your power outlet!

Watch your power socket!  This is what happens in my home: our power outlet melts away and burnt!  Bellow is the picture of it.

Burnt socket

We use standard NYM cable and the best available power outlet and installed by a professional, the certified Chief of Electrical Engineer in our textile mills.  The cable and the socket was rated at 2500 watt.  The socket was located behind fridge and loaded with about 1000 watt of cloth drier (correction it should be 2200 watt of cloth and fridge combined). 

burnt splitter

I was lucky that the house is intact and nobody is injured.  Here I'll share the tips to avoid power outlet failure:

  • Always keep your power socket clean, or clean it regularly (of course after turning off the house wide electricity).  Although unlikely, short circuit could happens inside the socket by dust build ups if the dust is conductive.

  • Keep the power socket visible at all times, so any sparks emitted will be visible.  Do not cover it with fridge or anything big.  Moreover accessing the plug on an emergency will be easier.

  • Keep the power socket dry and not humid, since humidity will rust the contacts inside the power socket, therefore creating sparks which will create that.

  • Always inspect the power socket, especially the one on the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor every year, and change it when necessary.

  • Listen, see and smell any anomalies from power outlet.  Sometimes the power outlet is corroded and works just fine, however they emit weird sounds clicking, electrical bolts and bad roasted plastic smell.  Those symptoms are the sign of bad electricity connection, which may or may not happen at once.  Sometime the sound is heard however no bolts or smell and vice versa. 

  • In case of those, thing happens, you should immediately turn off the house wide electricity, usually located outside the house on the left side.

  • Use cable and connector maximum 80% of it's load rating.  E.g. if your cable is rated at 2500 watts, use only 2000 watt maximum.  That's for sparring for any bad connection.  Usage within 50% of the rating is more preferred anyway.

  • Do not step more than one splitter at one outlet.

That's all I know for now.  If you have more tips, please fell free to contact me! 

Power socket burnt is the main cause of fire.  It was said that several house burnt to the ground is caused by burnt of power socket!

Therefore I give this article priority of 0.97 in my sitemap, the highest ever I've given.  That is: this article is very important, that it needs to be spread around the world so people will be safe at home.