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  1. 31 March 2008,

    • I've added two misc pictures to my gallery.  Few weeks ago I've put green foliage pictures on my gallery, now I've put two pictures dominated by red!  You can see them here, and here!

    • I've updated the might of mt Sumbing picture, now including the EXIF data.  I could not grasp why the EXIF data did not appear there when I first upload the picture.  In addition, I've also put a new mt Sumbing picture from another location, which is free from power lines and antenna and I'm happy with that.  I wish I can take another pink scene picture from that location.

    • Added photography tips in bad weather.

    • Added computer/photo editing tips saving sharp JPEG.

  2. 27 March 2008,

    • It has been a while since I last update my site.  I've put search box near my banner, to make easy for people who wanted to search my website and the web.  That make me remember one my assignment in university, we were assigned to write web based search engine using Perl CGI script.

    • Added interesting IT fact page on Computer page.

  3. 17 March 2008,

    • I've added home link on my page!  Can you believe a website without home page link?

    • I've added gallery on my photography page.  I've found a nice PHP script called 'Gallery' that I use to put a photo gallery on my photography site.  Why do I decided to use 'Gallery' instead of writing my own?  Simple, it is quicker to use free gallery.
      Can I write my own gallery? Yes, I write my own gallery used in First I wanted to retrofit GoldenSun's the gallery to put here, but since I found a free gallery, I decided to use it here, since its quicker.

    • I put advertisement on the top of my web page.  Those ads will helps me generate some cash, not bad, I can earn some from this website, hopefully this website can run by itself :)

  4. 16 March 2008, updated computer site, now divided to several pages due to more contents.  I've also added some tricks in optimising PDA.

  5. 15 March 2008 website updated, now I use DWT on all my pages except for the photo album.  DWT makes web mastering easier compared not using DWT.  I'll use PHP on my photo album.   I've added new foliage picture I've taken this morning.

  6. Computer site update What is the most advanced OS??

  7. Investment, analysis on today's stock.

January 08 - March 08 - Old index page

No more older indexTo newer index from April - June 08

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