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  • Wednesday, 18th March 2009,

    • A comparison of Google's Translate to Yahoo! Babelfish in translating a Chinese passage into English.

    • Few days ago I took picture in our gym.  They have been online for few days, however I forgot to put the link here!  Forgive me please!  You can open it by clicking this link!

    • On that album you can see how cropping brings an exaggerating effect on the picture, especially on this and this.  Those guys are really big and the crop shows that they are really big.

    • Also I've made a lot of colour adjustment to most of the pictures more than ever.  The reason is I wanted to make the bodybuilder appear more muscular and harder.  Therefore I also apply a lot of sharpening (harshening actually)!  This picture is one of the example where colour editing such as shadow enhancing and highlight brightening and contrast enhancing really kicks.  Sorry for the slight of blur in his face, that's due I focus to his six pack instead of his face :P

    • On the other hand, this picture is heavily sharpened, and the sharpening shows harder muscle!

    • How about the girl's pictures?  Well, as usual, Asian girls loves bright skin, therefore the usual skin lightening is performed without making them pale.  In fact I deliberately making their face somewhat reddish to show that they are really doing sports!

    • How about muscle tones?  Well, Asian girls hates being muscular, therefore no muscle tone is good for them!

    • Those picture was taken using full automatic mode with Portrait exposure program which chooses ISO, Aperture, Timing and white balance automatically.  The only thing I did is move and monkey around the models and making the best crop out of them. 

    • There is no way to fiddle with colours, due to the florescent lightning available, the light is stays the same and always boring!  A flash system might be a nice help, however I have none at my disposal.  I have to make do with the onboard flash then. 

    • Why don't I use the EF 50 f/1.8II lens?  First I decided to do flashless photography on the gym using manual.  However, the bright background and blurry sporting people is the result.  I can't get the mood there.  Then I set the camera to Automatic Portrait mode, and test shooting it.  The result were amazing, I can get what I wanted!  So be it!  After moving and monkeying around, I realised that I need to take picture using the wide angle, therefore I change to the standard lens which work very well.

    • The flash is the reason why most of the gym picture have bright subject with dark or near to black background.  On this case, it's fine, since the subject I'm intended to be the point of interest is person, not background.  Therefore having bright background with a lot of fitness equipment visible will destroy the composition and distract the viewer's eye away from the centre of interest.

  • Friday, 13th March 2009,

    • Its Friday the 13th again, and this date, last year is first time I put an article online.  So today is this website's 1st birthday, on Friday the 13th.  Hahaha, kewl isn't it, scary?  Yes!  Today I've also changed my index page and old indices from htm/html to PHP so that I can put HTML compression my pages, therefore I will got fewer complaints that my website loads slowly.

    • Since the faster your website opens, the more interested reader will be!  So, they will not wait forever for the website to load!  As a transition, I will still bring the index.html available, however opening the index.html will redirect the reader to index.php.  Therefore the people who bookmarked my site wont get 404 errors.  However I strongly advice that anyone who wanted to bookmark this website or already bookmarked this website to bookmark the index.php, therefore saving you 1 KB for the index.html.  Although index.html will still be available indefinitely.

    • You can open these links for more information, who know they will come handy to you.

      I have updated about me page, which I knew people would rarely open this page, since its almost hidden!  However its good to make it nicer!

    • Tuesday, 10th March 2009,

      • A Story of Artificial Intelligence

      • Back in 2006, when I just started my printing company, my family plan to send me to study Chinese in Shanghai.  I realised that my business needs a project manager that manages its people so they will work in order.  The cost of a project manager is of course expensive, and the company is starting up and it's very difficult to pay him or her.  In order to compensate for that, I've decided to write an AI software to act as project manager.

      • I programmed into the AI everything that I know about printing:

        • Paper knowledge

        • Our printing machines capability, our partner's printing machines capability

        • How products are going to be finished and on what time and what machine

        • Some time management skill and project management skill. 

      • It works, the AI lives and actually can outperform me in terms of arranging what item to produce on who or what machine, therefore coping with tight datelines.  I was very happy with that, however my workers was content...

      • They hate to be ordered by a computer.  At the first time, I taught that they get used to it, and they stop complaining my decision after the first week.  The AI really works and commanding humans! 

      • Few days passed after the AI trials and I found the AI is very competent.  However now I'm the one who are wondering whether this is correct.  Slowly but sure their my worker have lost their spirits.  AI can't discipline people, when they didn't follow what the computer says, the computer can't do anything (if I had fitted them with legs and arms, that would be terrible!) 

      • Then my people told me that they are not happy with the AI.  My friends also condemn me because of that.  After few more thoughts I realised that computer ordering humans can't be right!  It's too scary, if one day in the future we are enslaved like in The Matrix.  Therefore I, asked one of them to work as my manager and I decided to remove the AI module out of the software.  The AI module was deleted, buried deep inside the recycle bin...  The software now works only to keep track as production flow monitoring software.

    • Update to EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens:

      • I've found a little flare after at last after I really tried it!  See the blue dot on 7'o clock direction of the light source.  Hahaha, this kind of flare is unimportant, since it appears less than 0.1% of my images :)

  • Saturday, 7th March 2009,

    • Have you notice something has been added to this site?  Yes, its the Yahoo! Bablefish applet on the top right of this page.  Why do I put it?  I put it so that my website can be translated to other languages at ease, therefore visitors from different languages feel more at home, resulting my welcome will be most useful!  Although the translation turns to be somewhat funny, now visitor can change or translate this site to any languages he or she wishes to read!  Thanks to Yahoo!

    • What a pity that Indonesian translation wasn't available today, on one fine day may be...

  • Tuesday, 3rd March 2009,

    • I've arrived Magelang on 2nd March 2009, quite tired however I've found that Surabaya market is huge and the public is quite interested.  I'll made a proposal on opening a branch office there and hopefully it I can open it on mid 2009.  Dear reader, if you love to read my writings here and found my site useful, please pray for my success.  That is enough for me.

  • Monday, 23rd February 2009,

    • I'm going to Surabaya to exhibit the laser machinery our company sells.  The exhibition is Mega Bazaar Computer 2009 located in Gramedia Expo Surabaya.  If you were visiting Surabaya or live there, please be sure to visit PT. Golden Sun Indonesia's booth (stand O2)!  I've got beautiful souvenirs for you and booth babes of course ^^, they are beautiful, young and well trained!  Below is the address of expo

      • Gramedia Expo Surabaya
        JL. Basuki Rachmat 93-106

      • Available from 25th February - 1st March 2009 from 10 AM-9 PM

    • Today, I took our embroidery machine's picture, and I found a problem with my camera, the EOS 400D's Auto White Balance system.  This is the first time I noticed this problem, the white balance shifted from approx 5000 K up to circa 10000 K.  Please take a look at the picture below for more idea.  The top picture is what it supposed to look, a blue material being embroidered under a white florescent light. 

    • The picture on the bottom is taken few ms after the first picture in continuous shooting mode.  You can see the embroidered material moves a little bit, however the other parts did not move at all.

    • Those picture was taken using Av (aperture priority), Portrait picture style with sharpness -1, AWB at 1/1250 s, ISO 1600 and f/1.8, One Shot AF mode, and Evaluative metering and EV -1.  So, did any of you notice similar problem on your camera?  Well, this really ruins your image!  However, this also gives a unique experience into the image as well.

  • Thursday, 19th February 2009,

    • PDA versus Agenda Death Match!

    • It has be quite a while since the last time I update my website.  I was very busy lately, installing new machines in our company, major restructuring in the printing company (which means changing the structure of about 50% of the employee), preparing the opening for new internet cafe and fixing problems in my gym.  Now, its the time for a bit fun, so I decided to create the most ridiculous comparison of the year, between two groups of devices that serves the same purpose, however gapped by more than two millenniums old technology to the latest technology in keeping notes.  I will compare an agenda to a PDA, devices that shares the same purpose, split thousands of years apart.  I will keep this comparison apple to apple, so I will not compare their memory capabilities, how many colours can they display, what device can take pictures, and so ever. However I will compare their ease of use, their availability and other things that relates with daily use.  This is a real death match! 

    • PDA is a new kind of technology, invented in late the 20th Century, and powered by battery.  While Agenda was invented few millennium BC in ancient Egypt and China and has been used to keep track of a progress for eons.  It is unclear who first invent the Agenda.

    • When I own a PDA back in 1993, it was very different compared to my newest and latest PDA.  My PDA back then has a huge black and white (green) LCD display, compared to Samsung i780, my old PDA's screen is about twice in area!  My old PDA is also way much better in battery consumption, it can be used for more than a year without charging. 

    • I also own an agenda also in 1990's, however when I got the PDA, it directly replaces my agenda.  Well, that's a brief history, now back to the comparison, these are the advantages of PDA

      • PDAAgenda
        Can be used in the dark, since almost all PDA available in the market has backlight.Can't be used in the dark.  You will need a flashlight!
        Can be used without pen.You will always need a pen to use an agenda.  Otherwise it becomes a read only media.
        Can ring a reminder.Agenda can't ring a reminder, therefore the chance of missing an appointment is greater.
        Can be used to play a game, however gaming is not productive after all, so this is not an advantage.Only simple game can be played on an agenda such as cross word puzzle, fig-jig, etc.
        Can be password protected and encrypted.Your data is publicly available after people took your agenda, unless you are a doctor.
        Can't be used in overly bright area, used under direct tropical sunlight will render a very dark and unreadable display.Room brightness is not a problem.
        Requires periodical charging.Does not require electricity.
        Modern PDA is small and light.An agenda usually sizes A5 (210 x 148 mm) or larger, and heavier than PDA.
        First investment is expensive, however it will pay off if your PDA can be used for several years.  Data transferring between old and new PDA is not cumbersome.First investment is cheap, about Rp 100.000,00 (USD 8) for a good agenda plus a pen.  However you will need to replace the agenda once a year.  And replacing an agenda means you will need to backup all the data on the old agenda.
        Data recovery is enormously difficult or almost impossible if the PDA was broken.Data recovery is much easier on an Agenda.
        Luckily, PDA is easy to backup.  Just synchronise it with the computer, everything is backed-up.Backing up an agenda is a problem and waste, since you will need to photo copy every page on it, or at least rewrite them.
        The chance that you will leave a PDA phone at home while going outside is small.I left my agenda at home when hanging out with friends.
        PDA left on a car will attract thieves and break ins.No body cares about your agenda, so it's safe to put it on the car.
        Your grandma can't use PDA, due to its small sized letters and many other restrictions.  However, zoom functions are available to help.Your grandma can use agenda with ease.  Need to enlarge the letter size, just write big!
        Somewhat difficult to use and write.Easy and fast to write in.
    • The verdict: PDA is a great device which is designed to replace agenda anytime soon.  However, many people were unsatisfied with PDA since writing a PDA is slower than writing in an Agenda and PDA requires more caring such as charging and can't be dropped of the roof.  Me, myself choose PDA since I wanted easy backup and an always accompanying reminder.  However my sister chooses Agenda since she taught it was clearer to write on an agenda.  So, it's all yours to choose between them. 

    • Now, what do you think of my idea?  A PDA with solar cells on its back and micro kinetic power generator inside.  Therefore the PDA will always be recharged when it stays on the pocket or on the table.  The solar cell should be retractable so we can change its battery when the battery drops.  Then PDA's greatest weakness of depending on electricity is eliminated.

    • A little bit of photography:

    • Balap bebek, duck race.  I taught they were funny, but some people who loves technical criticizes me by saying the ducks were unsharp and blurry.  IMO, its the duck feet's blurs that make it appears that they are moving fast.  Different people has different tastes, and it was not on my position to say which one is better, an uber sharp racing duck picture or a blurry picture like that.  As usual, click to enlarge it!

  • Saturday, 7th February 2009,

    • Images of the EF 50 mm at f/1.8.  At f/1.8 the depth of field is only a few mm wide.  I took picture of a 30 CMs metal ruler, focus it at 15 CM marking, or on the middle of the ruler and crop the picture there.  Please take a look at it to see how narrow is the depth of field.

    • This is not the accurate way of measuring DOF, however it shows that at f/1.8 the DOF is less than 1 cm.  Therefore if you are taking someone's picture by focusing at his or her nose, only the nose will be in focus, every other part of the face will be out of focus.  Great for some effects, however silly for taking sharp pictures.

    • EF 50 mm sharpness test:

      • The image

      • EF 50 mm f/1.8 centre

      • EF 50 mm f/2.8 centre

      • EF 50 mm f/3.5 centre

      • EF 50 mm f/5.6 centre

      • EF 50 mm f/8 centre

    • The sharpness at f/1.8 and f/2.8 is not very good, however it improves at f stop 3.5.  I hardly saw any difference from f/3.5 up to f/8.

      • EFS 18-55 mm @ 51 mm f/5.6 centre

      • EFS 18-55 mm @ 51 mm f/8 centre

    • Compared to the EF-S 18-55 mm lens, the EF 50 mm is a lot sharper.

    • Sorry for the changes in the tree, that's due to the wind blows.

    • Anyway, I find some dusts inside the lens, and this is the 2nd time I found something inside Canon lens.  Is this some kind of Canon conspiracy by selling 2nd quality product to Indonesia and sending their best products to countries such as the USA or Japan?  I don't know, but we'll see...

  • Sunday, 1st February 2009

    • Happy February readers!  Canon's cheapest lens, the EF 50mm f/1.8 II turns out to be very useful. 

      • It's actually a normal lens, however used on 1.6x camera it becomes an 80mm tele, but a not a real tele. 

      • Semi hood design, the glass is located more than 1 cm inside lens's barrel, and the barrel moves with the glass when focusing therefore protecting it from stray lights.  This results in a good ghost and flare performance.  My test did not manage to show any ghosts or flares.

        • This is the chandelier in our dinning room, brightly lit by several light and its crystal is scattering the lights entering the lens from random direction.  Thanks to its semi hood design, no ghosts or flares were visible!  Remember, ghosts or flares has nothing to do with light source's strength, its related to the angle of light entering the lens!  The light source's lumens index only show how big and strong is the ghosts and flares.

          • Click to enlarge, and see its holy!  No ghosts!

      • It has pentagram shaped aperture opening, therefore resulting in pentagram shaped bokeh, typical in lens from 90's. It's funny in today's standard, since most other lenses has round opening.

        • That was the cause, pentagram aperture openings, sorry for the ugly picture.  I use my mobile phone to snap it, then edit it on Corel PhotoPaint to improve the contrast and colour balance (my skin colour is Yellow, OK?).  That's the best that I can do anyway...

        • And now this is the result:

        • Pentagram shaped bokeh

      • However it produces a cool 10 pointed sun-stars!

    • That was taken at f/22, an f number which I don't recommend to use in digital photography.  Why?  Because the sensor dust will become visible at that F number!

    • The bad thing is I accidentally use RAW in capturing the test picture of that lens.  Then I realised that using RAW slows my workflow.  First, I have to convert RAW from JPG before I can put the picture here.  Second, it took a long time to convert RAW to JPEG.

    • AF speed is good, however it makes a lot of noise when autofocusing.  Manual focusing is also not smooth.  I would not recommend manual focusing, since it's almost impossible to do, due to the super shallow depth of field that this lens offers.  At f/1.8, the DOF is merely few millimetres deep. 

    • When focusing on EOS 400 D, sometimes the camera made wrong focus lock few mm in front of the objects, and the result is the object becomes blurry.

    • It weigh nothing, size small and fast.  What else do you need for mobility?

    • Sharpness on digital?  It is not very sharp, that all I could tell today.  I'll run sharpness testing from f/1.8-f/8 ASAP.

  • How about the EF 50 mm f/1.8 II in action?

    I use that lens paired with EOS 400 D to Chinese New Year's eve in local temple and taking picture of Dragon and Lion dance there.  It was 10 PM, and the happenings took place out doors with minimum lights.  Although it wasn't the sharpest lens, the result were perfectly fine, considering the dancer's swift movement and low light there.

    • The last picture was taken without flash, with ISO-1600 and f/1.8 at 1/160 seconds at 10.07 night.

    • A lens that worth every cent of it.

    • Other suggestions for i780

      • If I was accidentally sending an empty message, the mobile phone should ask a sending confirmation.  Otherwise this would wasted our balance!

      • Sometimes, I wrote a message with 161 character and the mobile phone just send it, which translates into two messages.  What a pity if the last character is only a space, which mean I wasted my money for just a space!  The mobile phone should also ask whether I really wanted to send a message with only 1 character?

      • The default button when receiving SMS notification should be Save as Read instead of Dismiss.

      • Needs more options in snoozing the reminders.

      • When entering numbers in Excel, I need use Number mode (the white/black key) to change the input to numbers.  However, its ridiculous to enter comma or points since I need to revert back to normal mode in order to enter them!

    • PS: the PDA phone is bought using my profit from stock trading ^^

    • Our Nissan Grand Livina at 34.000+ Km's has a problem on its ball joint.  When turning the steering wheel at slow speed, something just feels loose.  Don't worry, just bring it to Nissan and they will fix that for free as long as your car is under warranty.

  • Tuesday, 27th January 2009,

    • I bought on a new lens, the EF 50mm f/1.8 lens on the 23rd January 2009 (exactly 365 days after I bought my camera (2008 is a leap year!)).  I will review that lens and show some sample images here over the next few days.  A short conclusion is, the lens is very fast.

    • Happy Chinese New Year!  A bit late, but I guess late is better than nothing!  I snapped few pictures from the new year's eve celebration on local Klenteng (Monastery) using my newly bought EF 50mm f/1.8 lens which I will share on the next few days.

    • Last year, on 24th January 2008 is the date I bought my camera.  Its one year now and snapped more than 12.000 shots, averaging more than 1000 shots a month, or almost a roll of film a day.  Digitals are great for learners who shot and shot exactly the same things many and many times!  If I was shooting 35mm film, I would have wasted 334 rolls of films, which costs more than the EOS 400D plus few lenses!  Hahaha...

    • With more than 12.000 shots the camera works almost perfectly like new, with exception few sensor dusts.

    • Back to Samsung i780, this is the image snapped by the mobile phone's camera in Automatic:

      • The image will be cropped on bottom left and centre right and then compared to the image snapped by EOS 400D in Program mode with with small image size (approx 2.4 MP) using standard EF-S 18-55 mm lens.  Sorry for the difference on the exposure and angle.  FYI, the lens on i780 is pretty wide, probably equivalent to 18 mm on 1.6 camera or 28 mm on full frame camera.

      • i780 Right Centre

      • EOS 400 D Right Centre

      • i780 bottom left

      • EOS 400 D bottom left

    • The conclusion is: this image clearly shows that the i780's camera is inferior compared to EOS 400 D.  Ok - I know all the reader would knew this would be the result - now get serious.  i780's image shows a lot of noise reducing and smoothing artefacts, moreover its dynamic range is also narrow.  Not a big deal, the image is useable, at least on the daylight for friendstering and facebooking.  On low light the camera is not very good with high noise and blurry images due long exposure and hand shake.

    • What needed to improve i780's camera is:

      • EV adjustment is very needed to make a well exposed image.

      • Faster speed: It's very-very slow, I can finish counting from 1 to 10 from when I press the shutter until the image finished captured. 

      • Smarter automatic white balance adjustment.  EOS's AWB is closer to what it appears in the real world.

      • Increase in dynamic range.  It appears that i780's camera's dynamic range is so narrow.

  • Thursday, 22th January 2009,

    • Samsung i780 under bright sunny day

    • Although the display is set at maximum brightness its only bright enough to see under a shade.  There is no way to see it under direct sunlight, therefore using it as a portable GPS or driving GPS is not possible.

    • Suggestions:

      • SMS blocking or junk SMS folder, to prevent SMS spam or SMS from unwanted person.

      • I often forgot to loud or quiet my mobile phone when entering the production facility or the office, resulting a shocked fellow office worker with my overly loud ring tone or can't hear an important phone call in the production facility due to the high noise of the machinery. 

      • An option to use automatic ring tone volume leveliser according to the surrounding environment.  When a call or SMS arrived, the mobile phone is firsts checks the noise level of its environment.  The microphone can tell whether the surrounding environment is noisy or quiet.  If its quiet, e.g. under 40 dB the mobile phone will just ring quietly, if the environment is noisy e.g. over 100 dB the mobile phone will need to ring loudly and turns on the vibration vibration.

      • An option to automatically change ring tone profile according to time.  E.g. when I have a meeting appointment on the calendar, it would be nice to have an option to automatically silence the mobile phone.  After the meeting is finished, the mobile phone will change back to normal.

      • Contact is often accidentally deleted, this happens when I wanted to delete a contact, I right click on it and then pressing delete.  However on some situation I accidentally deleted the wrong contact!  On the confirmation dialog, the mobile phone should display which one is going to be deleted.

      • Automatic birthday addition.  When I put the birthday of an contact, it should appear on the calendar as well, or at least an option to show it.

    • Bugs found

      • I experience this bug once, where I got an SMS arrived icon, however I found none on the inbox.

  • Sunday, 18th January 2009,

    • Update on Samsung i780

      • Samsung i780 is smart enough to put add to contact directly from Messaging.  Very simple but convenient. 

      • Today's Plus is a good addition, however it is too big on the screen.  Since I wanted neat and lean Today, then I decided to turn off the Today's Plus.

      • Based on today's testing, here is my conclusion on using push email and GPRS.

      • GPRS is good, download speed is fine.  However maintaining online GPRS is a real waste of power, therefore using push email on i780 is pointless, since the mobile phone will be died before you'd call it a day.  I work 24 hours minus sleeping time a day, which mean I need an always active mobile phone with standby time of 2-3 days. How come I work for 24 hours?  Well, I sometimes receive business phone call as early as 5 o'clock in the morning up to 9 o'clock at night even in Sunday.

      • One bad things is this mobile phone getting very hot when used as a modem. 

      • Suggestions to Samsung in order to improve their mobile phone:

        • It should have adaptive display backlight brightness.  At night the backlight should be darker than at daytime.  Samsung did this for the keypad, on the specified time the QWERTY keyboard is not backlit, however on the other time, the backlight is lit.  The display however, did not follow this adaptation. 

        • The better way to use adaptive backlight brightness way is using the front camera to record the lightning condition, and adjust the display and keyboard brightness accordingly.  Camera is some kind of brightness sensor, but a lot more sophisticated

        • An command to merge contact, since sometimes mobile phone contact, computer contact and Windows Live contact are not the same.  I sometimes put different name on each contact, e.g. on mobile phone I put my name as Sony 'Lin' Suryawijaya, and on m computer I wrote it as Sony Suryawijaya Lin.  They have different details, on my computer, for example, have 2 emails and 1 fax number, while on my mobile phone only have 1 mobile phone and 1 home phone number.  Merge contact is very useful here, by clicking two contacts and merging them, therefore saving me from a lot of copy and pasting. 

        • A navigation button used to jump from a contact to the other or one message to others.

        • I found a button positioning error on this mobile phone.  The Shift (up arrow) button used to upper case the letter should be put near Z, or the same with computer's keyboard, and the white black button (to switch between numbers and alphabets) should be put below Z button, or the position of alt button, not the other way as Samsung did.  I used to computer's keyboard, and annoyed by this!

        • An option to widen scroll bar, therefore I can touch the scroll bar with my fingers easier.  A scrolling function by touching the screen without touching the scroll bar will make a nice addition as well.

        • Although the screen is rectangular, it is nice to have feature to rotate the display position when the display is rotated. 

        • When moving the mouse I need to move it twice or three times to move the pointer across the screen.  This is not good especially when dragging, the item will fall somewhere on the middle.  If the mouse can continue its movements, the mobile phone will be much better in term of usability.  This can be achieved in two ways, first making edge motion function - which is unlikely available with this optical mouse - and second is by using click lock function similar to Windows's.

      • Bugs found:

        • After opening heavy application such as IE for large website, sometimes the optical mouse bugs.  When clicking a button, the mouse is not actually clicking, instead it made right click (or long click).

        • Windows Live are prone to crashing and slow things down when opening Messenger and synchronising email.

      • The verdict:

        • An OK PDA Phone with minor weakness on usability.  I won't use the instant messaging and push email since they will kill my battery, therefore reducing my productivity.

        • Moreover, when using this PDA Phone's internet functionality, I tends to play surf the web and chatting with friends, not doing my works.  Hahaha...  Therefore turning it off is the best option.  Managers, watch for this before handing your staff with push emails and advanced mobile phones!

    • Those update are now available on here and on RSS.  OMG, I forgot to update RSS for few months!

  • Wednesday, 13th January 2009,

    • From Sunday morning, unplug the i780 and decided to test Samsung i780 battery stamina for average normal usage.  It concludes that the battery life is quite good. 

      • Sunday Night, the power still remains on 100%.

      • Monday Morning, the power moves to 90%.

      • Monday Night, it still have 75% of power.

      • Tuesday Morning, the power is around 50%

      • Tuesday Night, the power is around 40%.

    • The test is stopped on Tuesday night.  Having a mobile phone that standby for more than 3 days is good.  I feels back to 2003, where mobile phone standby for around 3-4 days.

    • On heavy use, e.g. a lot of calling, playing, GPRS, and GPS guided trip, the battery finished even before I called it a day!  What a pity.

  • Saturday, 10th January 2009

    • New year new spirit!  On the 5th of January I bought a brand new Samsung i780 Windows Mobile Phone to replace my almost dying 5 years old Nokia 7610.  Today is my 5th day with it.  Well, it is not the latest model and in fact, the i780 is somewhat out of date.  I think that's fine, since I bought things when I needed it, then I always finding a bargain!  So the i780 is the best choice of today.

    • Specification:

      • OS: Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

      • CPU: Marvell PXA 311 series

      • Detected RAM: 112+ MB; ROM: 166+ MB

      • Features (not standard on WM 6.0 Pro): GPS, Bluetooth, HSDPA (3G)

    • My first impression was the packaging, it is ugly.  Then the manual "book" is only a piece of folded paper, therefore can't even be called a book.  Considering this mobile phone's price - which is not cheap - Samsung should put a better packaging and manual. 

    • I'm somewhat disappointed on the mobile phone's built quality.  Especially the battery cover which is somewhat hard to remove and place.  Then when fixing the battery cover, I'll have to do it very carefully, otherwise the cover won't be in place, sometimes the left lock is open, and on the other time is the right lock is the one who open.  Moreover battery also hard to remove, therefore swapping battery requires quite an effort.  I remember my old O2 XDA II mobile phone, which made swapping battery is a very pleasant operation.

    • The stylus is somewhat heavy to take, however, I believe this saves the stylus from being lost and prevents the stylus holder from being loose (in Javanese: lodek).  My previous PDA's all do this.  I wouldn't be worried since I use my finger as stylus, and finger comes standard as a built in and best stylus for human!  Moreover you have 20 of them, although only 10 is useable with PDA :P Warning: don't forget to put screen protector and do not nail the touch screen!

    • Few software bundle.  Only one CD containing Microsoft Active Sync and Microsoft Mobile Device Manager.

    • On the first day, battery life was pretty good.  On heavy use, its way better than my previous PDA's, which got depleted before I called a day.  Standby time claimed 400+ hours, however I haven't tried and I have no intention to try that, which means I did not use the mobile phone.  Anyway, GPS really kills the battery, manages finish the battery within hours.  It appears that activating GPS requires the same power with talking.

    • Ergonomics is fine.  I like the D-Pad that functions as a touchpad, which turns out to be very useful.  I can save my touch screen using this.  QWERTY keyboard is not perfect, but functional.  It's hard to tell which button I pressed when blindfolded.  The finger marking put on shared button F-5 and J-/ is too small to to be feel.  In the other hand, the button is also too small for my big fingers, although I still can type using one hand, its inefficient since I'll have to see what's written on the screen and what button I've pressed.  For comparison, I can type using one hand with my good old Nokia 7610 blindfolded.  With this Samsung, there is no way to distinguish between buttons, therefore texting in i780 requires more concentration.

    • Buttons is good, one feature I liked here is I can configure the Mail and Camera button to respond button hold with more program or tasks, therefore making the mobile phone as if it has an additional 2 buttons.  However, can't manually assign the software button on the bottom left and right of the screen.  It would have been better if I can assign them.

    • Another complaints is with the hardware buttons.  Start and OK button is a nice addition.  What a pity their assignments are not configurable.  Moreover the hardware button above the green and red phone are not configurable as well.

    • One special thing I found with i780 is the mobile phone is the mobile phone can be turned of by pressing the power button!  That's the first time I found that in a WM mobile phone.

    • Signal is fine.  Just like any other good mobile phones.

    • On a sunny day, the GPS took quite a while to lock.  Usually it can get 9 satellite lock, giving precise location.  I tried to walk around our factory complex, the GPS combined with Google map (with Google earth image) manages to pinpoint my exact location.  On heavy rainy the GPS can't work at all!  Moreover, in a car the GPS can only get  3-4 satellite lock, well my car's tinting is 40%+60%.  Hahaha...

    • Overall experience: Using this PDA is way better to non QWERTY PDA's, thanks to the keyboard.  However in terms of handling and ergonomics, any Nokia is better than this Samsung i780. 

    • Anyway, after reviewing all cigarette advertisement in Indonesia, I've found into a conclusion that the smoking risk warning after the advertisement is the one who made clear that it was a cigarette  advertisement.  Isn't that stupid? 

    • I've just weighed my Nissan Livina XR 1.5L Automatic on our factory's digital weigh balance.  At 1/2 tank, she is 1.230 KGs, give or take 5 KGs!  Next time, I'll try to weigh all of my test driven car's!

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