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16th September 2009,

  • I rarely wrote an investment article, due to I feel it did not make any sense to predict tomorrow's stock movement, next week's stock price or that kind of things.  However now at last, I wrote another investment article: How to make time as your friend, not enemy.

  • This article is very important to read for those of you considering to invest and trade Options and Warrant.  It is crude but will give you the real idea of investing.

14th September 2009,

  • I just realised a Windows XP feature to use with my camera.  The feature saves me 3 minutes when copying a file to my computer, as a bonus it organises the pictures on today's date.  However, as usual Windows's feature were hidden so nobody would use it.  I should have enabled this feature long time ago. 

  • Now I just need to connect my camera to the Windows machine with a USB cable, and Windows will copy all the file and sort in a directory with today's date.  I don't have to create a directory to sort the pictures and then copy all the pictures manually.  I prefer to read the images directly from my camera, instead from a dedicated card reader.

  • Windows even offer to delete the copied picture automatically, so when you finished the copy process, your camera is ready for shooting.

  • This is a very clever feature, but incomplete.  Windows should advertise it to the user when he or she first connect his or her camera.  Moreover, the pictures should be sorted based on the shooting date.

  • I've updated the Canon EF-S 10-22 review.

13th September 2009,

  • Seaworld Indonesia photos is here.  Not much and mostly leafy sea dragon picture.

12th September 2009,

  • My PDA phone, the Samsung i780, is now more expensive then when I bought back in January 2009.  This is the first time I experience that an IT product could increase it's price over time, just like an investment.  I bought the Samsung i780 for Rp 3.700.000,00 or around USD 320, however now the Samsung i780 now costs Rp 3.999.000,00 or USD 400.  Weird... 

  • I'm working on Canon EF-S 10-22 review.  Please feel free to see it under construction, and it might be changed anytime.

  • The Canon EF-S 10-22mm will be a part of my system, paired with my medium tele EF 50 mm. That would be enough for almost everything.

2nd September 2009,

  • The city I lived and grew up is listed as the the most dangerous city in the world.  That's due to mount Merapi.  I remembered every time the volcano erupts, I can see the fire from home, and my city is covered in ash.  The foliage are covered in ash and dying.  Watching the sky covered in cloud, with red glowing mountain at night was a very exciting experience.

  • FYI, I just asked a local villager who lived on mt Merapi's valley, and he said it is perfectly safe to live there!  

  • I'm still fine although being on the list of mosquito's supper for a few days.

  • I'm also fine although being infected with unknown HxNy virus, luckily not H5N1 or H1N1.

  • A photo trip on Taman Safari Indonesia.

  • Penguin fostering!  For those of you who care about nature and animal conservation, you can adopt a Humboldt penguin chick by contacting +62 251 8250 000 and follow the instruction there.

  • I wrote an article about left foot braking on 20th August, however due to some unknown reason my internet service is broken, and I can't connect to the internet.

15th August 2009,

  • When I explore the sky to photograph moon and other celestial objects, I find an object, which looks like a star.  The object is the biggest, brightest red point and visible everyday on the sky.

  • I'm afraid that it was the meteor that will crash to Earth in 2012.  Well, it is not, it is Mars, Earth's twin planet.  Photographed handheld, just for showing off what EF-S 55-250 is capable of doing.  Moreover this picture is cropped and about 90% of the image - which is a black blank sky - are thrown away.

  • The moon is photographed handheld.  I crop this picture since the moon is too small.  Although the original image is pretty sharp, I apply some sharpening to make it even sharper, moreover the image is also colour enhanced to make it more yellow. 

  • A lesson please note that Moon and Mars are not at infinity, they are at just almost infinity.  So, use autofocus or carefully manual focus the lens and not just setting your lens to infinity.  Moon, stars and other celestial objects are far, however they are not at infinity!

  • I also had wrote the weakness of Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens.

12th August 2009,

9th August 2009,

6th August 2009,

  • I have added my experience on driving Toyota Vios for 1 year, on long term Toyota Vios review.  It is a small car with big fun.

2nd August 2009,

  • I usually gave picture of booth babes every once or so.  Well, due to my business I can't visit the IIMS 2009 and Auto Blackthrough 2009.  I'm so sorry that I can't upload cute booth babes pictures.

  • Well, don't be disappointed, since I have just write an article about photographing dance performance.  What's great about the article is, it is filled with picture beautiful dancers from Rianna Dancer in Semarang.

  • Hopefully this will cure your disappointment, boys.

28th July 2009,

  • I had a business trip to Bali and Surabaya from 16th to 26th of July 2009.  However this is not an ordinary business trip, since I will pick my Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens which was sent from Jakarta.  This are the pictures from Bali!

Capturing Sunrise

  • Canon EF-S 55-250 review.

  • Link to tips to avoid power socket burnt.

  • Moreover I also updated the navigation bar, now including miscellaneous topics which is outside the scope of this website that I'd like to write.

  • Then I also working on whole site navigating experience, improving this website readers experience and better search engine visibility.

15th July 2009,

  • We are getting closer to 40th anniversary of moon landing, the greatest mankind achievement yet.  The Moon landing has risen a lot of controversy, do we really land on moonthe answer is yes, we did!  But read the article for explanations!

  • Watch your power socket!  This is what happens in my home, our power outlet melts away and burnt!  We use standard NYM cable and the best available power outlet and installed by a professional, the Chief of Electrical Engineer in our textile mills.  The socket was behind fridge and loaded with about 1000 watt of cloth drier.  I was lucky that the house is intact and nobody is injured.  Here I'll share the tips to avoid power outlet failure:

    • Always keep your power socket clean, or clean it regularly (of course after turning off the house wide electricity).  Although unlikely, short circuit could happens inside the socket by dust build ups if the dust is conductive.

    • Keep the power socket visible at all times, so any sparks emitted will be visible.  Do not cover it with fridge or anything big.  Moreover accessing the plug on an emergency will be easier.

    • Keep the power socket dry and not humid, since humidity will rust the contacts inside the power socket, therefore creating sparks which will create that.

    • Always inspect the power socket, especially the one on the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor every year, and change it when necessary.

    • Listen, see and smell any anomalies from power outlet.  Sometimes the power outlet is corroded and works just fine, however they emit weird sounds clicking, electrical bolts and bad roasted plastic smell.  Those symptoms are the sign of bad electricity connection, which may or may not happen at once.  Sometime the sound is heard however no bolts or smell and vice versa. 

    • In case of those, thing happens, you should immediately turn off the house wide electricity, usually located outside the house on the left side.

  • Anyway I just finished to decrypt the Enigma diecast puzzle, which has 6 star rating, means this is one of the hardest diecast puzzle on their database. 

11th July 2009 (forgotten to upload),

  • I suffer from a viral infection of rotavirus, a virus commonly affect young children, and rarely affect adults.  I'm 25 now, and this is my 2nd infection this year.  What's wrong with this virus?

  • Anyway, when I told people, they taught that it was my computer that is infected, perhaps people taught that bacteria infects people, and viruses infects computer.

8th July 2009,

  • Election day!

    • I have no idea why I receive no invitation on this election day.  So I did not elect since I don't want to be kicked out by the committee.  Well, I believe there will be 2nd round of election. 

  • Website changes:

    • The text section on this website is changed to 21 cm, instead of screen wide, its the width of A4 paper

    • A4 paper is researched and compared over various paper standards such as Letter and Legal before it become the ISO paper size standard.  It is the paper that fit human eyes best.  Therefore reading an A4 paper is the most convenient for human.

    • Well, I'm actually unsure about the research on A4 paper size, to be honest: I have it made up.  The actual reason behind changing reading width to 21 cm is because human are accustomed with A4 paper, and it is very convenient.

    • The reason of choosing the width in centimetre because centimetre is an absolute measure.  Pixels (Picture Element) size is relative to its DPI, so at 10 DPI, the pixel size is 0.25 cm width, and at 100 DPI the pixel size is 0.025 cm.

    • How big is one centimetre?  It is 1 metre divided by 100.  How big is one metre?  It is about the distance from the centre of your chest to tip of your finger.  There are advanced definitions which will confuse even me, people with a real science degree.  Well, find it here on Wikipedia. 

    • Since human body size were absolute (measured in cm), therefore using absolute measure is the best used in interfacing with human.

  • Beautiful things are available almost everyday:

    • Almost everyday I saw a very beautiful things.  I saw a beautiful tree silhouette near Solo, big orange beautiful moon rising from the horizon, soft red sun with blue purplish sky.

    • They are available almost everyday.  The only thing is I don't have time to take picture or I didn't bring a camera with me.  Well, I'm doing business and I need to focus with my business.  What a pity.

    • Anyway I wanted to have lens that can capture 180 degree of horizontally!  At Ramadan, we can see sunset and moonrise at the same time!  It happens only once a year and I wanted to capture that moment.  The good thing is it is at a public holiday!

  • Another article is about airline again.  It was written at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, waiting for my plane while wondering why can't I bought water on an airliner.  So here it comes my thinking on why can't we bring water in an airliner.

  • Please open my updated creativity page!

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