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14th December 2009,

When I was eating at Tonijacks (Toni Jacks) in Kelapa Gading, I accidentally dropped the coke when it just arrived on my table.  Well, as a compliments for me, they gave me a new coke.  Tonijacks is really better than that one.  I'm pretty sure 'that one' will not gave me a replacement coke on that case.

Some of you might wonder how do I ate in the fast food chain?  It is easy, if they have vegetable burger, I'll ate it.  However if they don't have vegetarian burger, I usually gave the patty to my friend, and I put chips to replace them.  If I'm alone however, I prefer not to eat at them.


A bad news is I just realised that potato chips (French Fries if you like) was coated in animal tallow. 

It means I can't ate them anymore as I'm vegetarian, ovo-lacto of course.  I never realised this as I'm sloppy vegetarian.  However after some researching, I realised that Burger King chips are vegetarian friendly, and for me it tastes better than that one!

Fuel testing

Still in progress and has not been finished, since I need quite a while in testing the fuel and of course a lot of money.


I'm writing my adventure with an ultra wide angle lens, the Canon EF-S 10-22 mm.  It will grew overtime with my adventure :)


I've decided to remove the advertisement from Amazon and Google in this website.  As a replacement I will then put advertisement from my future online shop and PT Golden Sun Indonesia, my own company.  I've written a custom API for the advertisement (that's why I did not update this website for a loooong time) and I hope this process could be finished in this week.

4th December 2009,

False alarm 

Watch for false alarm from anti virus software,  which happens to me after I installed their latest update on 3rd December 2009.!  I received some a false alarm from my antivirus software, Avast! version 4.8.1368 with database 091203-0.  The antivirus software says that there are viruses spreading on my computer's drive F, however my computer doesn't even have drive F!  To stay on the safe side, I decided to run full system scan on my computer which then Avast reported a lot of infections which made me suspicious.  First I run an x64 (64 bit) system which supposedly more immune to virus attack since most viruses designed for x86 (32-bit) system just can't infect an x64 executables.

Moreover Avast! also warns me that the viruses is coming from some files which come from a trusted source, such as My SQL website, windows system files and more which is scanned by some other antivirus, the virus simply did not exists.  If your computer suddenly received virus alarm just after updating an antivirus, it is possible that it was a false alarm.

These are the file properties from Avast's Virus Chest. 

Before update: 

Virus infection

Today I updated my antivirus definition to version 091203-1, and the file which is supposed infected were rescanned as clean!

No virus!

If I just trusted Avast! to clean my viruses, I might lost a whole bunch of important files that might be needed to run my system therefore rendering my computer inoperable.  Even worse I might lost important data if Avast! is set to automatic deletion.  Well, never ever use automatic deletion or automatic heal or automatic repair or whatsoever to remove infection from your computer!

Avast! was generally a good antivirus and it is still good so I will still use it.

This issue was acknowledged in avast! blog here

Windows 7

Windows 7 is so clever that when a multiple file transfer failed it asked me to skip the file, try to recopy or cancel the file copy process instead of Windows XP which just failed to copy the file.  I love this, just like in the good old DOS days!

28th November 2009

I just discovered a way to save space on my hosting by as much as 50% for image storage.  This new way will not degrade the image quality, which means the image quality stays the same and this website will load even faster, thanks to the better utilisation and support for browser caching.  So happy now, that my concern about storage is now subsidised! 

27th November 2009,

I've snapped some picture of Jakarta Cityscape.  I waited for a few days in order to get perfect lighting and timing for this picture.  There are two prerequisites to make a picture like this: first the sky clear of pollution and second a little to no clouds.

In order to get the first requirement we need to clear Jakarta's polluted sky.  Since I'm not the god of rain, I have to wait for rain to clear all the pollutant in the sky.  Snapping a picture like this on draught season is impossible, as pollution will render the sky bad.  Therefore the best shooting time is just after the rain when the sky is clearing up and the golden sun is on the horizon.

However today is rainy season and usually the cloud is just everywhere.  Too cloudy sky will block the sun rays, therefore the rain should stop just before the sun casts its best light and the cloud should clear as well.  I was lucky that day the rain stops and cloud clears at 16.00 hours (4pm).  Then I got the best shooting condition, from 16.00 hours to 18.00 hours.  I need to wait just the correct time to get a picture like this, and it is purely by luck I can get this shooting condition. 

To increase your chance, always bring a camera with you!

Jakarta Cityscape

Senayan View

Sudirman View

View from an apartment

View from kebon kacang

I actually had a better sight when the rain just stops and the setting sun casts yellowish rays over skyscrapers, creating a beautiful silhouette.  What a pity I was driving on a tollway, that I can't just pull over and shooting.  If someone else was on the wheel, I'm surely can took the picture!

Coming soon

HP Pavilion DV2-1123ax review.  A sneak peak: it is a laptop worth to buy!  You also help AMD to exists anyway.  Join me to get AMD for your next computer.

RON 95 fuel comparison which is even more varied compared to RON 92 fuel comparison.

28th October 2009,

Sumpah Pemuda

81 years ago in 1928, youth from all over Nusantara gathers and made a youth promise, Sumpah Pemuda.  They was no Indonesia back in 1928 that time.  It was Nusantara, today's Indonesian archipelago. 

Those guys was deciding to start a country called Indonesia with Indonesian national and Indonesian language.  However, it was not until 1945 where Indonesia gain its independence.  This promise was repeated and remembered every year in every state owned school (Sekolah Negeri), in an upacara (ceremony).

RON 92 petrol comparison update

Pertamina's Pertamax although was not the best petrol in Indonesia, shows its class.  Pertamina's Pertamax is well optimised for traffic jam, as being the most economical on it. 

For Pertamina and the Government of Indonesia, please make a decision to require every Premium fuel buyer showing their tax file number (NPWP) to be able to buy Premium fuel, especially for cars.  It do make really sense, as Premium fuel is government subsidized and costs our money (tax payers).  This for every one, including supir angkot and supir truk, who can show the NPWP of their boss.

I'm still testing more fuels, and the result are coming now.  Today I fill my car with Shell, as they gave me free voucher of Rp 10.000,00 for every purchase of Rp 200.000,00.  Please wait be patient for testing more fuel.

Layout update

Instead of using bulleted layout, I've decided to use this bolded layout.  I believe this new layout would be easier to read, and I wish so.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

I definitely recommend this software.  It is available for free from Microsoft. 

It was my mistake not installing this software earlier.  I was afraid that it is slow.  And it really was, as I had taught.  However it is still faster than Corel Photopaint.  It is inaccurate, I know.  However it offer more friendly user interface than Corel Photopaint.

Windows Live Photo Gallery offers a flexible way of photo sorting and editing.  It even sorts my photos that was taken long time ago back in year 1999!  This is the software I had always wanted, and it is even more clever in arranging my recently taken picture.  WLPG downloads the image directly from my camera and then sort it based on date taken.  I love it!

And the best of it is: it is free, and nothing can beat something free.

26th October 2009,

  • Warning for tourists who wanted to travel to Indonesia or for other Indonesian who are law blind:

    • Do not charge your mobile phone on any public area such as shopping mall, apartment lobby, hotel lobby or any public area as you will be charged with stealing electricity.  You might be charged with 5 years terms in prison and Rp 500.000.000,00 fine, or about USD 54.000,00.

    • If you absolutely needed to charge your mobile phone in public area, you will need to ask a permission from the people in charge there then you are save.  Usually the reception will say you are fine to charge your mobile phone.  Well that is Indonesian hospitality.  If you did not ask any permission however, you'll get your a** shaved.  This was not made up.  Please refer to this article here in Indonesian or here in English for further information.

22th October 2009,

  • Have you ever wonder why do we have to built a brand new rocket to return to the moon?  If you have, please read my moon landing page, on section why do we have to build a brand new rocket to return to the moon.

  • Windows 7 is here.  I believe it is time to start replace my old laptop with something new, and Windows 7.  My 3 years old laptop runs Windows XP, which is 8 years old today.  Although my copy of Windows XP is updated with SP 3, it is still: old.

  • Comparing Windows XP to Windows 7 is like comparing Windows 3.x to Windows XP.  Their version number differs by 2, Windows 3.x is Windows 3.x, Windows XP is Windows 5.x, and Windows 7 is Windows 7.x.  Now you get the idea.  Their age also different by about 8-9 years. 

  • Changing operating system after 8 years is not a bad thing, since I really need to stay up to date with newer operating system.  I'm outdated and old fashioned in computer world. 

  • I also needed a new laptop.  My old laptop is just too slow to met demand of newer application.  It works perfectly well, however newer application and more images from my camera clogs my laptop's hard drive.

  • An upgrade would be nice, however it would cost me considerable amount of money, and I feel it is perfect time for an upgrade.  I'm now looking an affordable Windows 7 laptop with dual AMD processor, dedicated video card, large hard drive and plenty of ram.  No Mac please!

  • Photos from Taman Safari October trip are coming!

20th October 2009,

  • These are the top 10 places to get pickpocketed (dicopet), according to Armchair Photographer.  I was prepared to see somewhere in Indonesia such as Tanah Lot were that list.  However I could not find Indonesia there.  In fact out of 10 places, 9 are in Europe and 1 in Asia (Vietnam).  That list concludes concludes that most pickpocket existed in Europe compared to the rest of the world.

  • These are copy of the list: Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Florence, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Athens and finally Hanoi.  Well, it appears that those European is no better than Indonesian, in fact Indonesian tourism sites are better and saver.  I guess I'll have to stay in Red Alert alert all the time when I visited Europe.

  • No matter how advanced your car is, how expensive it is, and how fast it is.  Your brake is the tool for stopping your car.  It is essential, however often forgotten by inexperienced car tuner which usually tune the engine for power and acceleration and body for styling.  But the brake was left unmaintained, even tough once your brake fails you, there is a big chance you are done, game over.  Realising how often people underestimate their brake, I've written an article on how to prevent a brake failure.

  • I've updated my fuel comparison, now including Pertamina's Pertamax at traffic jam.

18th October 2009,

  • When I print my image enlarged to 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inch), I met the owner of printing service, which apparently a professional photographer.  He specialises in wedding and studio photography and his portfolio was impressive.

  • His gear are Canon EOS 50D, Canon EF 24-70mm L, Canon EF 20mm and Canon 70-200mm L.  I'm unsure about the version of the Canon 70-200 mm.  He uses L lenses because L lenses is metal and tough.  L lenses are designed to work in adverse condition.

  • After talking for quite a while, my images comes out from the machine.  Then he saw them and he was astounded by its sharpness.  He wonders what lens I used for that shot.  It was my EF-S 55-250 mm, Canon's cheapest EF-S telephoto lens.

  • Judging from the printed image, he feels that my EF-S 55-250 mm is on par on term of sharpness with the Canon 70-200 L lens.  I can't believe it, however I know he was honest.  Moreover he also noted that L lenses are more colour accurate compared to non L lenses.  This is perfectly fixable with picture style and white balance anyway.  Not a big deal.

  • Anyway, his opinion made me less concerning about my gear's sharpness and made me know more that even the cheapest lens today is already sharp.

  • I've just made a photo shot in Taman Safari which I'll share soon! 

14th October 2009,

  • I've updated RON 92 my petrol comparison, now including anomaly which happens on Shell fuel and I also re-compare all the fuel!

  • My photograph will be displayed in Taman Safari Lomba Foto Satwa 2009 (Animal Photo Contest) on 27th October 2009.  I wish you could visit Taman Safari and see the pictures exhibited. 

  • I'll visit there as well to see how good is the competition going and knowing other's skill.  Then I can prepare for the next year's contest with more chance of winning.

  • I submit 7 pictures from my last trip to Taman Safari trip and Seaworld Indonesia trip.

  • It appears that it was not only Indonesian who are having difficulties in understanding the copyright law.

  • The French President's audio visual team is problem in understanding the law and they made some infringements.

  • Is that the law which is written in English and is too difficult to understand?  I don't know.  However it appears to me, it is too difficult to understood.

  • Even the lawful French made the sloppy mistake, some sloppy mistake will happens in Indonesia as well.  So please do not accuse that Indonesian loves piracy, since they just do not understand the copyright law.

10th October 2009,

7th October 2009,

  • Wondering what I'm I doing these days?

  • I've write several readings, however due to my internet connection problem - they billed me twice than the amount I should be billed - I decided to cut the connection.  Then my article just can't be uploaded.  Now I use different connection which hopefully works better.

  • Now that the Batik is safe, it is recognised by the UNESCO as Indonesian Cultural heritage on 3rd of October.  We all rejoice that and wear batik on that day.  However, there are 10 things that our beloved neighbour could claim as well.  Here are they in an unordered list: 10 things that are vulnerable to Indonesia's neighbour claim.

  • Building a digital SLR system for under USD 2000, a must read for you who wanted to start your own photography business!

  • I drove a Honda Freed which belongs to my friend.  As an opportunity to test drive, I decided to review it as well.  Overall Honda Freed is a nice car, however I don't recommend to get it since Honda Freed is not worth to buy.  It just too damn expensive.

  • A comparison of 4 brands RON 92 fuel consumption and economy.  Still unfinished yet, but growing.

  • We are going to have planetary defences against asteroid and stray comet impact.  UK is researching the system and hopefully in 2015 the defence system is ready.  Now make a wish that there will be no asteroid and stray comet big enough to cause mass extinction on direction to Earth from today to 2015.  Thanks to the UK!

  • As a surprise, my Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens works extraordinary well with flash on 10 mm.  I used it to photograph family dinner, and to my surprise, no shadow appears on the image!  This is not a coincidence, since I repeat this several times and still now shadow visible on the pictures.  Just watch your angle when taking the pictures!

  • Sample picture of Canon EF-S 10-22 mm was taken on our big Lebaran Family Holiday and serves as a test bed for my EF-S 10-22mm lens. 

  • Victorinox SwissCard Lite is a credit card sized Swiss army knife.  It is made in Swiss, not China or Taiwan or Malaysia.  This small tool is very well made and is extremely useful.  It fits right on the wallet's business card holder as it is about as thick as three credit cards stacked.  I guess many of my reader has more than one credit card, so you can ditch three of your credit card and put one of the SwissCard Lite in your wallet.  You'll have an always ready well made tools on your wallet and it is good for your financial health too

  • It was a good friend of mine who gave this for me.  I thanked her very much for this gift.  I bought it almost everywhere I go including international travel and I used it a lot!  PS: with some trick you can bring this little Swiss army knife to an airliner with you.  However, please don't blame me if you get caught by the security guard.

  • Nissan Grand Livina's top speed is 200 km/h.  Fajri - my uncle's chauffeur - said that the Grand Livina car can reach 200 km/h.  200 km/h was a holy grail which only super cars and sport cars could get in the old days.  Now I have 2 different people stated the same claim, and I believe it is true.

  • The end of September 2009 marks my 3rd year anniversary of heavy using my Hasee Q300T notebook.  It works flawlessly over the past three years and it was not a smooth three years.  My laptop experience every punishment known to a laptop.  Dropped of a chair, being slammed with chair, spilled with orange juice and more. 

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