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Hoya HD UV 58mm Filter review

Hoya HD filter is the most expensive of Hoya's UV filter line up.  I bought the 58mm filter for EF-S 18-55mm ii lens which costs Rp 500.000,00 or about USD 52.  I'm using Hoya HD UV filter for my EF-S 18-55mm ii lens, and this filter costs 1/3rd of this lens.

It seems a waste to use such?  It is not!  My EF-S 18-55 ii lens had no ghosts or flares, therefore I need something at least with equal capability to maintain the image quality from my lens.

This lens's packaging is a nice paper box which hides the filter.  On the inside is a thick round plastic case, the plastic case had ridges which make it easy to grab.  This packaging is much better than other Hoya's, making this product stands out as a premium products.

Long story short, I'll give you my conclusion: I wanted to sell my Hoya Pro1 Digital and Hoya SHMC Pro1 and use exclusively this filter.  It is only Rp 500.000,00 or USD 52, and there is nothing wrong to get this filter.

If you are not satisfied with my explanations, feel free to read the advantages and disadvantages of this filter below.

This are the advantages

  • This filter is resistant to dirt and finger print, therefore, you can hold it on the glass with your hand, and clean it easily.  Which is unlike other filters that requires enormous effort to get it clean.  Confirmed!
  • Tested with my method of creating and finding ghosts, this filter produces zero ghosts and flares, better than Hoya Hoya SHMC Pro1 and Hoya Pro1 Digital filter.  Confirmed!
  • HD Frame mount.  This filter's glass mount is much better compared to Hoya's traditional sloppy mount. Confirmed!

Hoya's Traditional Sloppy Mount

  • This filter uses hardened glass which claimed 4x tougher compared to regular glass, I've never tried this and I won't :)


  • I'll have to really find out: overly glossy finish, which didn't match my lenses.
  • And no more

This filter is made in Japan by Tokina.  This is why now Tokina also have array of lenses with waterproof coating, which suggests the waterproof coating was derived from the coating of this Hoya HD filter.


This thing is made of hardened glass with scratch and stain resistant.  It means I can abuse and use anything to clean it out with any kind of cloth.  Well, I don't use my rough jeans, however I use my relatively soft cloth to clean it out.

This is too short to be called an article, right?