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Hoya Super HMC Pro 1 52mm Filter review

I've bought the Hoya Super HMC Pro 1 - 52 mm filter to be coupled with my sharpest lens, the EF 50mm F/1.8 ii.  I got only two lenses anyway.

I bought this filter from Focus Nusantara.  It costs Rp 389.000,00 or around USD 33.8 complete with delivery.  Here is the link on where do I got it: Hoya Super HMC Pro 1.  I'm quite pleased with their service, although I live around 500 (300 miles) km from the store, the item was delivered within 2 days.

The reason why I choose this filter comes from other reviews.  From there I knew that this is a very good filter.  However in my case it didn't manage to totally eliminate the ghosts from the EF 50 mm lens.  In fact, my test shows this filter gives another very faint ghost!  However, overall ghost performance is very good

The blue ghost (circled in blue) is from EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens, and the green faint one (circled in green) comes from the filter.

My Hoya SHMC Pro 1 filter is made in Japan, by Tokina.  It appears that Hoya is too busy doing their advanced lens, therefore they outsource the simpler things to made by Tokina.  I suspect that when Tokina made filter, it would be as good as Hoya's at lower price.

Known problem

My Hoya SHMC Pro 1 filter that I've bought got a dent on its inner ring.  I've photographed it here:

I'll ask the dealer to replace this filter.

Update: it's my mistake, after checking several other filters, I realised that this dent is the way Hoya/Tokina mount the glass.  It is otherwise not a problem.  Sorry for creating such a disturbance.