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Photos in Taman Safari Indonesia

What is Taman Safari Indonesia?  It is Indonesia's largest wildlife park.  Safari park is basically a zoo, however the animals there was not kept on a cage, instead the animals can roam freely within the park's boundary.  So the condition were reversed from a normal zoo, we are the one who were caged on the car, and the animal can watch  from outside the car.

You can call it Indonesia Safari Park, however it's official name is Taman Safari Indonesia, therefore I mention the wildlife park as TSI or Taman Safari instead of Safari Park or whatsoever.

There are thousands of animals there, and I took a lot of photos there.  There are yearly photography competition held there usually from July to October, and although I did manage to take a lot of picture and some of them are good, I they just don't have the quality of a winning pictures.  I guess I'll have to visit the TSI again before the competition ends on October to make better pictures.

FYI, the only lens I bought is my EF-S 55-250mm super telephoto zoom with Hoya HD UV filter.  Next time I'll also bring a polarising filter and EF 50mm prime lens for indoor shooting the penguins and the cute cat. 


I don't know about you, however I believe the picture bellow really make a gesture.


The picture of bearfight bellow is quite special.  However I don't think this picture is a winning picture, that's due to the bear was photographed from its back.  I wanted to go down from the car, however it was impossible.  First it is illegal to go down from the car, and second a very big bear stays very near my car.  Although I'm not listed on bear's breakfast, staying on bear's territory is an enough reason for the bear to bite me.

bearfight 1

bearfight 2

What makes those picture so special is the bearfight is not happening all the time.  I can't make them fight since it is unethical.  If I do then I'll got a warning by IUCN.

Amor Leopard is one of the rarest leopard in the world.  This animal is still a baby and very cute.  Don't be fooled, on the next 2-3 years, this cute leopard will transform into a hitman.

Cute Amor Leopard

Amor Leopard 2

Sorry that those picture were not very sharp and due to some reflection, that's due to the glass cage.  I'll need to bring a polarising filter to get rid of the reflections.


A peacock, although beautiful, this picture is not a very special picture, just average peacock picture. 


Although macaw looks similar to lorries and lorikeets, macaw is different to them.  Macaw did not only can talk but they also can understand human language and know what are they talking about!

Macaws are very clever animals.


Nightingale, beautiful but still not a winning picture.


Rangkong is one of Indonesia's native bird.  It is a big bird, about the same size of an eagle.  However unlike an eagle which is a carnivore, rangkong is a herbivore.  Their diets are fruits.


Although penguin looks close to platypus and seals, penguins are bird and are closer to seagull than to seals.  This diver picture is edited to make it sharp and clear.  That's because the penguin stays on the middle of the water far from the glass, then it's colour were not very vivid.  I edit the image to make it clearer and sharper.  This image, although taken at 1/200 seconds is still blurry, that's due to the glass and water I believe.


Penguins are bird, and this one is swimming too fast and banging the glass. 


Well, it is not banging the glass, it just swim on the side of the glass.  I don't know the reason why, it just funny to make this picture, and title it as Bang, since it will bring laughter!

Important: Four Humboldt penguins was hatching in TSI on February 2009, and they need foster parents!  If you are interested to adopt them, feel free to contact +62 251 8250 000.  By adopting them, you have made a real effort in nature conservation.


Soa-soa layar,

Scary me

It does looks scary, however it actually ate fruit :) not even an insect it kills.

Falconry - Bird of Prey show

The eagles are very swift flyer, they are well equipped to kill and that makes them a lethal hunter. 

My lens is under specification in capturing them hunting in Bird of Prey show.  I had to push the ISO to 1600

Bird of Prey

This silhouette picture although looks great, it was not that great.  It can't be used for competition due to heavy editing.  The eagle's top wing was actually cut on the frame by tiny bit, and I have to draw the wing tip manually on Corel.  Then the sky is actually cloudy white.  I use Corel to make the sky blue.  Sorry for making you disappointed.  I feel enjoying beautiful picture is more important than the process right?

Next photo is a bird of prey targeting


Tips: remember to turn of IS, since the bird of prey moves so fast, having IS on or OFF will made no difference, instead having IS on will mess your cropping.

The last two pictures is from the subspecies of Homo Sapiens, photographing the bird of prey show

The falconer is commanding the bird to approach her, while the photographer is photographing the bird.  From falconer's assistant I know that the bird are reluctant to come, since it is afraid of the photographer's big lens.

Photographers and falconer

Examining photos

I don't know them, however if you are there on the picture, please receive my widest smile to you :D


Hopefully readers will love animals even more after reading this.  Animals are beautiful and needs to be conserved as our existence depends directly and indirectly on their existence.

Moreover, be a vegetarian!

I'm going to TSI again and will capture more bird of prey show!  The falconer told me the best photography spot which I'll try, and hopefully will result in a winning photo!

PS: now I know that a zebra is a white animal with black stripes!  For the sake of science (well actually just for fun) I took a zebra's picture, and then I know that zebra is a white animal with black stripes.

Zebra is white with black stripes