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Pictures from Bali Business Trip

Since this is a business trip, I only had few minutes to do take pictures a day.  I plan to travel light, therefore I didn't bring battery charger with me, since I plan to only took few pictures.

Well, since the lens is new, I become very excited, therefore I took 420 pictures in total before my battery finished.  That's a lot of pictures, or equivalent 12 rolls of films!

Digital made my life easier, I can travel very light without any hassle.  Instead of carrying a bunch of films, prefer to bought a memory card and one more lens.

When I travel for a longer time, I'll bring a camera, one or two lenses, one charger, and that's it, just like when I travel in China.

Enjoy the pictures!

a flock of dove, flying above sky of Denpasar.  The yellow oranges accent of their wings is the reflection from the setting sun.


Balloon walker who sell balloon in Sindhu Beach, Bali. 

Balloon Walker

This picture is not about the walker, it is about the colours and shape.

Nobody bought my food - it is actually in the morning, I believe he awoke too early and too sleepy to sell anything.  Also taken in Sindu Beach, sorry for the non waterpass skyline, this picture was taken without tripod.

Daganganku ga laku-laku

Close up of my technician - called Nur Wachid (Nur Wahid), meaning the Greatest Light, and this picture was taken on the Greatest Sunrise in Sindhu Beach anyway. 

Nur Wachid

Although I'm unsure what did he saw, the direction of his eyes are directly proportional to the group of high school girls on the beach, therefore he didn't even realise me capturing his picture!

To be honest I took picture of a group of high school girls I just mentioned, which I kept for myself, hehehe...

And finally, my favourite Capturing Sunrise

This picture was taken in Inna Sindhu Resort in Bali.  This resort - although not very luxurious - is a very good place to rest!

Capturing Sunrise

At that day, there are many photographer trying to capture this sunrise, and I feel it is uninteresting to produce boring sun only picture like this one below, since others were probably taking this picture.  Therefore, I change my point of view, move my butt and that was the result!

FYI, Capturing Sunrise can't be taken with a tripod! 

That's it, all the picks from Bali.  The other's were only so-so, therefore I didn't dare publish here!

Celestial object photos

When I explore the sky to photograph moon and other celestial objects, I find an object, which looks like a star.  The object is the biggest, brightest red point and visible everyday on the sky.

I'm afraid that it was the meteor that will crash to Earth in 2012.  Well, it is not, it is Mars, Earth's twin planet.  Photographed handheld, just for showing off what EF-S 55-250 is capable of doing.  Moreover this picture is cropped and throwing away about 90% of the image which is a black blank sky.

The moon is photographed handheld.  I crop this picture since the moon is too small.  Although the original image is pretty sharp, I apply some sharpening to make it even sharper, moreover the image is also colour enhanced to make it more yellow.

Please note that Moon and Mars are not at infinity, they are at just almost infinity.  So, use autofocus or carefully manual focus to them and not just setting your camera to infinity.