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Spider Gym Body Building and Body Contest

The event was one of the grandest body building and body contest in Jawa Tengah (Central Java if you like).  Anyway, as I'm not covering the event, I only uploaded some contestant picture.  Also, this is the facebook link on the Spider Gym.

I use my super telephoto Canon EF-S 55-250 as the lens, and the lighting was using the available light.  Well, the lighting was professionally installed and was very bright.  The contestant were flooded with 45000 watts of light, therefore I can snap their picture without flash at normal ISO (400).  45 KW is the amount of electricity that brightens 100 lower class homes in Indonesia.  That is a lot of power.  My onboard flash and or any practical flash (even EX-580 II) can't match the lighting.  As I did the lighting test on the stage, I feel that the stage was almost as bright as under direct sunshine.

What is important on this picture is: these guys are big.  Your picture must show that those guys are really big!  This is very different to the dancer's picture that I took before. 

Photography is all about communication: how the photographer communicate to the viewer.  Therefore big guys should stay big and looks big, and dancing girls should stay girly. 

That's why I do made the big guy's skin golden brown and contrasty: to emphasises their muscle tone and sweat, ultimately gave impressions that they took a lot of training under the sun.  Well, they train indoor actually :D

That is also the reason why I do made tight crops.  Tighter crops will make the guy looks bigger.

That is also the reason why their face is somewhat blurry.  This is not a shot of dancers which I emphasises on the gestures, this is also not booth babes which I emphasises on the face.  This is all about body shape and muscle, therefore I focus on their body and muscle!

That's all readers, if you participate on this contest, and wishes to be put on this website, please tell me your number and I will upload the picture.  You can use the cbox on the right hand side of this page.  I will choose your best pose.